In preparation for a Bob Dylan-themed birthday party we’re throwing next weekend, I made a little Dylan “mixtape.” This is based on this post and some of the tracks my friends and I shared there. Listen to the mixtape here.

Blocking and Quakerism as a “No” Tradition

The Quaker movement began like other Radical Reformation traditions, rejecting the basic Christian creeds. This wasn’t because they weren’t Christian, but because they believed that creeds created a consumptive rather than participative faith. Quakers believe that creedal Christianity led to folks to professing rather than possessing authentic Christian faith. They saw this playing out inContinue reading “Blocking and Quakerism as a “No” Tradition”

Why I Am Celebrating World Sketchnote Day #SNday2016!

The sketchnoting community is participating in “World Sketchnote Day.” Before I knew about the word “sketchnote” I had some idea of taking notes and thinking visually. I “bumped” into this idea when I was stuck writing my dissertation and didn’t know where to go with it. I had written out notes tirelessly trying to summarizeContinue reading “Why I Am Celebrating World Sketchnote Day #SNday2016!”

Creating a “Collaborative Syllabus” Using Trello

I believe very strongly in creating a participatory learning environment for students but when it comes to creating a syllabus it seems like the only option is to use the standard “banking” model of education (Freire). As the instructor for a course, I lay out specific texts, assignments and themes for the students to digest in classContinue reading “Creating a “Collaborative Syllabus” Using Trello”

Moving Deeper Still: Three Roots of Community

How do we go deeper into this community? I have, for most of my life, been someone trying to organize community, bringing people together, and building connections. For a lot of that time, I put emphasis on showing up for one another: presence is key I would say. I got a monumental lesson in presenceContinue reading “Moving Deeper Still: Three Roots of Community”