What is Enlightenment Like? Anthony De Mello

This is a story from Anthony De Mello’s book “Awareness” I used in my sermon yesterday: Somebody once asked, “What is enlightenment like? What is awakening like”? It’s like the tramp in London who was settling in for the night. He’d hardly been able to get a crust of bread to eat. Then he reachesContinue reading “What is Enlightenment Like? Anthony De Mello”

my guest post on the smitten word: an ounce of action

Suzannah Paul of the Smitten Word has been hosting a series of guest posts on her blog about embodied faith this month. She was kind enough to accept a piece I wrote for the series called “An Ounce of Action.” Below is an excerpt. Jump over there by clicking the link below if it interestsContinue reading “my guest post on the smitten word: an ounce of action”

Today’s Bullied Teens Subject To ‘Sticks And Stones’ Online, Too

Today's Bullied Teens Subject To 'Sticks And Stones' Online, Too : NPR. This is a link to today’s episode of Fresh Air looks at the subject of Cyber-Bullying. I can’t recommend it enough to parents, teachers and ministers alike. Emily Bazelon of Slate Magazine is interviewed about the subject because of her new book “SticksContinue reading “Today’s Bullied Teens Subject To ‘Sticks And Stones’ Online, Too”

On God Pub: No Dogma, No Drama

Pub Theology 1 from Episcopal Diocese of Oregon on Vimeo. In 2010, my good friend Shelly Fayette, priest at Good Shepherd Episcopal, and I started a joint venture we call God Pub. It’s not often that Quakers and Episcopals join forces to create a space where folks could come together to discuss questions about GodContinue reading “On God Pub: No Dogma, No Drama”