Christmas has always belonged to other traditions – Max Carter

I always enjoy Max Carter’s perspective, a f/Friend from North Carolina, a Conservative Quaker, and educator. His reflection this week on Christmas and Christians who celebrate the holiday is well worth the read. Do you need to be Christian to celebrate Christmas? What is Christmas all about? Is Christmas Christian? Good question. Not so easyContinue reading “Christmas has always belonged to other traditions – Max Carter”

Denominations and Traditions: Thoughts on Differences

“To stand within a tradition does not limit the freedom of knowledge, but makes it possible.” Hans Georg Gadamer Today I spent a few hours working on my Mid-Program defense for my PhD program, I will be presenting it to my committee on May 14th. This entails laying out the key questions and motivations behindContinue reading “Denominations and Traditions: Thoughts on Differences”

Transitioning in A Global Information Age: Questions For Church Traditions

As a follow up to my reflections on Quaker Heritage Day I wanted to post a list of Questions I’ve been thinking about, many of which came because our travels to the north and many because of what I have been studying over the past quarter.

Christian Traditions Tree – Missing Quakers

Ben from Open Switch has posted a family tree which covers the majority of Christian traditions, though unfortunately it leaves out the Quakers? It’s a great visual aid that can help you understand the flow between the various groups, and important dates to know. I can see why Ben would have a poster of thisContinue reading “Christian Traditions Tree – Missing Quakers”


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Caring for Self and Others in Times of Trouble: Some Spiritual Tools and Tips

This was shared with me from Alexander Levering Kern, graduate of Guilford College and Executive Director Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service (CSDS) at Northeastern University. He and his family attends Friends Meeting at Cambridge, Massachusetts. I think you will find it helpful. Please share with others as you see fit. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe some more.Continue reading “Caring for Self and Others in Times of Trouble: Some Spiritual Tools and Tips”

Register Now for Online Webinar: Leadership Amongst Friends

Dear Friends, I am co-facilitating an online course for Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, UK on Leadership Amongst Friends with Zélie Gross and John Gray, two British Quakers. The six-week course runs from 20 April to 31 May 2020. I’d like to invite you to consider joining us this year if you are interested in spending someContinue reading “Register Now for Online Webinar: Leadership Amongst Friends”

Four Key Aspects to Understanding Renewal in Faith Communities

“Kindness eases change Love quiets fear” ― Octavia E. Butler In a lot of my classes and work at Guilford College, I talk about renewal. I think that much of my work is focused around renewal, not because of a failure in the institution but because change is constant, change is inevitable, and with eachContinue reading “Four Key Aspects to Understanding Renewal in Faith Communities”


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