• Modern Day Parable on Environmentalism (Joel Salatin)

    Reading in the Christian Century today there was a review of Joel Salatin’s newest book “Mad farmer?” and read this parable from the “Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic,” as Michael Pollan describes in Omnivore’s Dilema. Salatin writes: We have neighbors—I’ll call them Cleve and Matilda—who would be the bane of liberal environmentalists. . . . […]

  • Resources and Tips for Becoming Green and Protecting OUR Environment

    I am continually challenged to be more frugal with the way I live my life, expend resources, and how my choices affect others (often people I don’t know and will never meet). When we talk about “saving the planet,” being “environmentally friendly,” or “creation care,” it’s easy to see people take sides instantly. I am […]

  • We Are Fireweed

    This was the message I shared at our first “All Community Worship” at Guilford College since before the pandemic. I am grateful for this opportunity to building multifaith community on Campus. The Quaker roots of Guilford College allows for and nourishes this rich tapestry of religious identities to thrive at the college. I believe like […]

  • Ignatian Examen

    Questions for reflection are used in a number of different ways for spiritual practice. Quakers use the practice of “queries,” which are open-ended, well-crafted questions often directed towards the community to help shape the life of that community. Another practice of asking questions within a spiritual tradition is the Ignatian Examen that is still in […]

  • apprentices as leaders

    These are the kind of leadership qualities that set Apprentices apart from tradition leaders in communities: 1. Are able to focus on strength rather than pathology because they are able to see the nuances within a community that speak to strengths, gifts. They know that to focus on strength and current skills is part of […]