A Poem for Peet’s Coffee Lovers

 I’ve talked about Peet’s Coffee and Teas enough on this website to give yet another shameless (and unsolicited) advertisement for them. For me, Peet’s is that one place I can go where I’m undistracted from the internet, friends, and the endless list of things to do at home, plus with the extra high-octane coffee IContinue reading “A Poem for Peet’s Coffee Lovers”

A Report on the “Perfect” Day

Yesterday turned out to be a great day. Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes either through this blog, email, facebook, regular mail or those who met us in person along the journey yesterday. In short, I was successful in having a “perfect” day. 😉 Of course there were a few obstacles along the way,Continue reading “A Report on the “Perfect” Day”

Dress Down Friday | Attempting the Perfect (Birth)day

Tomorrow is my 29th birthday, and while I hope to do a little post about the whole thing, I wanted to give a heads up now. I am attempting to have the perfect day. That’s right! Some have suggested it can’t be done, I am setting out to prove them all wrong! Or at leastContinue reading “Dress Down Friday | Attempting the Perfect (Birth)day”

How To Live Local: Creating Your Two Mile Map

Over the next couple weeks I have a few posts I will be doing that revolve around issues of sustainable living. In these posts I will be trying to avoid the more preachy, theoretical rants I can often find myself falling into. Rather these will be focused on tips and tricks, basic stuff that’s funContinue reading “How To Live Local: Creating Your Two Mile Map”

Learning a New Language While Building a House: Reflections on Quaker Heritage Day

Psa. 127:1 Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the LORD guards the city, the guard keeps watch in vain. This past weekend my wife and I visited Berkeley California for a gathering called “Quaker Heritage Day.” It’s not unlike any church conference that invites someone to comeContinue reading “Learning a New Language While Building a House: Reflections on Quaker Heritage Day”

Create a Moleskine PDA: The Student GTD Hack

A couple weeks back, I stumbled upon what seems like a small culture of people who have backed away from the “pure paperless ideology.” They are using small notebooks (Moleskines) to manage the tasks and projects in their lives. I’ve researched a bunch of various methods and learned a little about David Allen’s “Getting ThingsContinue reading “Create a Moleskine PDA: The Student GTD Hack”