• Dress Down Friday | No Little Kindness’ Oh So Fresh Music

    Our good friends from the Pasadena based band, No Little Kindness, has set about the task of writing, recording, mixing, and then posting a new MP3 everyweek until they go completely insane. Their music is wonderful and certainly worth the download, and while you’re at it check out their myspace and a review of them […]

  • A Little An Aside About The Quaker Nomad

    In my last post, I wrote about Natalie Ramsland’s zine-making Quaker Project, Fold in the Light. It’s fresh, original, and inspiring. But I left out an aside I wanted to share here: One of the zines she included in the mail sent to me is of a Quaker woman named Betsy Kenworthy: The Quaker Nomad […]

  • Dress Down Friday | NES + Guitar Hero = No Little Kind Pranks?

    Did you know you can now play Nintendo on your iPhone? And speaking of video games, while I’ve never been very good at guitar hero I know some of you are. The game is soon to be available for your mac. For those of you looking to combine breakfast with work a little more, and […]

  • A Little Time for Spiritual Inventory With Sequoias

    Every so often I realize that I’ve been going full speed ahead for too long and need a break, this past week I had one of those realizations.

  • Great New Tunes for 2009

    Last year, I felt, was kind of void for me when it came to new music. That is one reason why I asked my good friend Matt Hoopes to guest write his list (and also I was interested in learning about new artists). But already for 2009 I’ve been really excited by a bunch of […]