• An Old Mennonite Rendering of The Disciple’s Prayer

    I came across this old Mennonite rendering of the Disciple’s Prayer and love it. Abba Father God, Bless your holy name. Let your reign come now, Let your desires be carried out. Bring your peace to birth, As in heav’n, so on Earth Give us bread, daily; Free us, as we free. When the way […]

  • Stations of the Lord’s Prayer (A Worship Resource)

    This past weekend at our convergent Quaker retreat we had both programmed (planned) and unprogrammed (silent) worship. For the programmed worship on Saturday morning I planned an interactive worship time based around the Lord’s Prayer (a topic I am deeply interested in). In this post I’ve included a video and pictures of the various stations, […]

  • Living Out the Scripture: The Lord’s Prayer

    Awhile back Ferdando Gros wrote a short post naming some of his favorite passages of Scripture, it’s based on a meme Andy Goodliff started back in July. Those tagged are asked to: “Post that verse or story of scripture which is important to you, which you find yourself re-visiting time after time.”

  • FAQs of a Theologian: Can you explain to me what prayer means to a christian?

    I’ve had for sometime the idea to write posts based on questions I am asked via email or questions that people ask google and somehow land on my site. In fact I’ve been compiling some questions since early this summer on my Theo.edit (my wiki). Thus I am going to begin a bi-monthly segment answering […]

  • Queries on The Lord's Prayer

    This Sunday I am leading a discussion on the Lord’s Prayer, basically covering what I’ve been writting about here for the past month or so. In preparing I decided to create a few Queries to help begin the discussion on Prayer and mission. Here are those queries: a. When has prayer led you to live […]