Organizing Ministry in DevonThink Pro

[This is a tutorial on software I use for writing and organization.] When I started pastoring I created a DEVONthink database for all things ministry oriented ((See my other posts on DTP here and here). I personally use a handful of databases regularly to help me keep things organized: academics, publishing, home, blogging, and dissertationContinue reading “Organizing Ministry in DevonThink Pro”

Dress-Down Friday | Three Vimeos and an Alien-Baby Suit

Here are a couple little internet treats for you all on this Dress-Down Friday. For those of you who are into the alien-baby accessorized look: This video is really just amazing: John Howard Yoder is alive, kind of. Some Catholics are getting into the emerging church conversation. Are you a Stay at Home Dad?Continue reading “Dress-Down Friday | Three Vimeos and an Alien-Baby Suit”

A Much Needed Re-Organizing of Work (Visually)

Yesterday I was feeling really stressed about the work I wasn’t getting done. This was in large part because L decided she wasn’t going to take her usual 1.5 hour nap. I use the time she naps to clear out my email, grade papers, or work on writing projects. While I was trying to getContinue reading “A Much Needed Re-Organizing of Work (Visually)”

Dress-Down Friday | Bolt, Naomi Klein and Coffee

It’s been a while since I posted a “Dress-Down Friday” post so today seemed like a good day to get back into the swing of things. Dress-Down Friday’s are just casual postings of whatever random goodness I’ve bumped into while cruising the web. I think you’ll enjoy some of the stuff I’ve posted today asContinue reading “Dress-Down Friday | Bolt, Naomi Klein and Coffee”

Dress Down Friday Student Tools Edition, Nas and Feist on the Street

Today’s Dress-Down Friday has an assortment of links for you to enjoy throughout the day. A reader named Mark sent in a list of his favorite student web-tools and I thought I’d go ahead and share them here for the rest of you because they are pretty cool. He writes: – You email themContinue reading “Dress Down Friday Student Tools Edition, Nas and Feist on the Street”

GTD In Apple’s Leopard (and other resources)

I’ve been using the GTD system since I first setup my Moleskine GTD for students and am getting a decent amount out of it. But I’ve struggled with finding ways to keep things straight with all the information flying at me on my mac. I’ve been working on using five separate DevonThink databases for all myContinue reading “GTD In Apple’s Leopard (and other resources)”

Tips for Using Delicious In (Doctoral) Research is one of my most daily visited sites. Recently, I read a great post on the delicious blog about librarians and teachers using delicious more and more in their schools. This is an idea I think is fabulous and so I thought I might spell out a few ways I go about using thisContinue reading “Tips for Using Delicious In (Doctoral) Research”

Decluttering: Thoughts on a Difficult Practice

As of late I’ve been on this kick to declutter my life. I am sure this has a lot to do with now being a father and realizing there are a lot of inessentials in my life; and quite honestly, I can’t say I would have come to this otherwise. Actually, this has also leadContinue reading “Decluttering: Thoughts on a Difficult Practice”

Create a Moleskine PDA: The Student GTD Hack

A couple weeks back, I stumbled upon what seems like a small culture of people who have backed away from the “pure paperless ideology.” They are using small notebooks (Moleskines) to manage the tasks and projects in their lives. I’ve researched a bunch of various methods and learned a little about David Allen’s “Getting ThingsContinue reading “Create a Moleskine PDA: The Student GTD Hack”