New Book on Revelation “Resisting Empire” Coming Soon

I’ve been working on a book about Revelation that offers a different perspective then the “Revelation as End-of-the-World” interpretation. This book, Resisting Empire: The Book of Revelation, published by Barclay Press, is coming out very soon and I wanted to give you a heads up to start watching out for it. It is in e-bookContinue reading “New Book on Revelation “Resisting Empire” Coming Soon”

Four Key Aspects to Understanding Renewal in Faith Communities

“Kindness eases change Love quiets fear” ― Octavia E. Butler In a lot of my classes and work at Guilford College, I talk about renewal. I think that much of my work is focused around renewal, not because of a failure in the institution but because change is constant, change is inevitable, and with eachContinue reading “Four Key Aspects to Understanding Renewal in Faith Communities”

Pedro the Lion Rises from the Ashes With Phoenix

With ‘Phoenix’, Pedro the Lion’s David Bazan Emerges from the Mines of His Interiority : NPR: By offering up his own interior narrative, Bazan holds a mirror to the self-mythologizing we all do in retracing our own steps. To write Phoenix, Bazan spent time in the namesake city; the soaring “My Phoenix” is the kindContinue reading “Pedro the Lion Rises from the Ashes With Phoenix”