Upcoming Trip to FCNL Meeting in November

I’ll be heading to the FCNL Annual Meeting in November and will be speaking on Sunday morning. I’m looking forward to the time and meeting folks who are a part of that great organization.

Here is a post I wrote for their blog in preparation for our time together there. It is largely about the examples and importance of Quakers holding together both our political and spiritual commitments and that these not need be mutually exclusive. Here’s the post:

Renewing Spiritual Strength, Reinvigorating Our Political Imagination


On Passive and Active Silence and Liberation (Exodus 3)

This is a message I shared last week at First Friends Meeting in Greensboro, NC.

Is Anyone Listening?

Today I wanted to talk with you about the tension between silence and liberation, and how we might envision a Quaker community where this tension gets resolved.

When you think about all of the terrible things that are happening in this world and in our country as of late, I am thinking specifically of Harvey and Charlottesville, but there are so much more we could name, what comes to mind for you? And where does God factor into your thoughts on these tragedies we face?

If you’re anything like me, these come with their own fears, anxieties and a lot of questions; not just about why these things happen, but are there ways that I can help or be of use?

I wonder if things will ever come to a resolution.

I wonder why things seem so tilted against those who are already hurting, disenfranchised and vulnerable.

I wonder if God really is listening.

I want stability and certainty. And if I can’t get it, I am tempted to shut down, bury my head. I confess that this temptation is very strong, especially right now.