Being bilingual in Quaker Outreach (Guest Post Robin Mohr)

This is a guest post from my good friend and General Secretary of FWCC Section of the Americas, Robin Mohr, following up on a talk she gave at the Emerging Practices in Quaker Outreach from NEYM.   How many of you speak another language? Meaning, raise your hand if you speak Spanish, French, Quechua, Mandarin,Continue reading “Being bilingual in Quaker Outreach (Guest Post Robin Mohr)”

Blocking and Quakerism as a “No” Tradition

The Quaker movement began like other Radical Reformation traditions, rejecting the basic Christian creeds. This wasn’t because they weren’t Christian, but because they believed that creeds created a consumptive rather than participative faith. Quakers believe that creedal Christianity led to folks to professing rather than possessing authentic Christian faith. They saw this playing out inContinue reading “Blocking and Quakerism as a “No” Tradition”