Convergent Model of Renewal: Discussion Guide and Sketchnotes (Chapter 3)

Daniels_AConvergentModelofRenewal_01193_copyWe are doing a discussion at Camas Friends Church on my book, “A Convergent Model of Renewal.” This week is chapter three, which covers what we can learn from participatory culture.

I am posting the sketchnotes and  discussion questions here each week for anyone who would like to download them and use them. Feel free to share and dispense however that makes sense as usual things are shared here under the creative commons 4.0 “share and share alike” designation.

Resource Guide

Download: Chapter 3: Sketchnotes of the Model

Download: Chapter 2: Sketchnotes

Download: Chapter 1: Sketchnotes

Download: Discussion Guide – A Convergent Model of Renewal


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