Amazon Takes on Quakerism?

Some of the Basics* Amazon is one of those companies that’s kind of off-limits for the typical American consumer. I mean, who owns a computer and hasn’t purchased at least one thing from Amazon? I know I have. And who can argue with such a “successful” business model? After-all, shouldn’t we capitalists encourage this kindContinue reading “Amazon Takes on Quakerism?”

Isaac Penington to Elizabeth Walmsley 1670

I’ve often shared quotes from one of my favorite early Quakers, Isaac Penington, here’s a thought from him for the day: Truly the Lord hath done great things for us! He hath given us the sight and knowledge of himself in his Son, which is life eternal: he hath given us of the nature andContinue reading “Isaac Penington to Elizabeth Walmsley 1670”