‘what thou hast been to me in the night’ James Nayler (A Psalm)

I’ve was reading a variety of quotes from early Friends in preparation for my message on Sunday and stumbled ever so timely on this one. It speaks to my current condition as something I really needed to hear: It is in my heart to praise thee O my God, let me never forget thee, whatContinue reading “‘what thou hast been to me in the night’ James Nayler (A Psalm)”

Review: All Labor Has Dignity – Martin Luther King, Jr.

The book, All Labor Has Dignity,” is a collection of Martin Luther King, Jr’s speeches edited by Michael Honey, a scholar of labor and African-American history. There are a number of speeches/sermons that have never been put into print before that Honey was able to track down and include. At the beginning of each speechContinue reading “Review: All Labor Has Dignity – Martin Luther King, Jr.”

The Original Revolution: Occupy Christmas? (Isaiah 52:7-10)

  I know this is late, but it is the message I gave on Christmas morning December 25, 2011. Isaiah 52:7-10: How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of the messenger who announces peace, who brings good news, who announces salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns.” John 1:1; 14 “And the Word becameContinue reading “The Original Revolution: Occupy Christmas? (Isaiah 52:7-10)”

‘Hail, space for the uncontained God’ (Luke 1:26ff)

This is my sermon from December 18. So far this advent we have focused largely on preparation. What is it we prepare for exactly? 2,000 years after Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection, hasn’t it already all happened? Advent means coming, but hasn’t Christ already come again in the resurrection? As Christ-centered Quakers we believe thatContinue reading “‘Hail, space for the uncontained God’ (Luke 1:26ff)”