My dear friends, dwell in humility… (Woolman)

At Camas Friends Church, we’re reading through the journal of John Woolman, a Quaker minister and abolitionist from the 18th century. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the values we often unknowingly impress upon our children. Many of the activities we engage our children in have some kind of underlying “theology” or value-system they propose. By enteringContinue reading “My dear friends, dwell in humility… (Woolman)”

Intercession, Wangaari Mathai and Moses (Ex. 33)

This is the message I shared with Camas Friends on October 23, 2011 Introduction Finish this statement: “Intercession is…” Growing up in the church I was most used to hearing about intercession in the form of prayer, intercessory prayer was kind of like an intervention for a family member but done by means of prayer. AndContinue reading “Intercession, Wangaari Mathai and Moses (Ex. 33)”

When The Church Becomes a Department Store

You can drive around most neighborhoods here in the suburbs and find at least some vacant buildings. Some of them are small, and if not historic, they at least have a history.  While others are just enormous squares, nondescript, no personality or history at all. “throwaway” buildings might be a way to think about it.Continue reading “When The Church Becomes a Department Store”

The Inevitability of Absence (Ex. 32)

This is the message I gave at Camas Friends Church this past Sunday.  We’ve been doing a series on the book of exodus with an eye, or an ear, or both, to God’s concern about liberation and concern for the poor. A couple of weeks back I shared about the 10 commandments as the foundingContinue reading “The Inevitability of Absence (Ex. 32)”

Quakers and The Resurrection Community (Acts 13:13-33)

This is a snapshot of what I’ll be speaking about next Monday at George Fox University’s chapel. “You Israelites, and others who fear God, listen. The God of this people Israel chose our ancestors and made the people great during their stay in the land of Egypt, and with uplifted arm he led them outContinue reading “Quakers and The Resurrection Community (Acts 13:13-33)”

Fall and Winter in the Life of the Spirit

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” – Jesus (John 10:10 NRSV) I love Fall. It is a beautiful transition time from summer to winter. From a time of abundance to a time of rest, where we have now gathered ourContinue reading “Fall and Winter in the Life of the Spirit”

Damage & Too Much and Too Little

Damage by Wendell Berry I. I have a steep wooded hillside that I wanted to be able to pasture occasionally, but it had no water supply. About halfway to the top of the slop there is a narrow bench, on which I thought I could make a small pond. I hired a man with a bulldozer toContinue reading “Damage & Too Much and Too Little”

The Ten Words of Love (Exodus 20)

This is the sermon I gave at Camas Friends Church on October 2, 2011 about the ten commandments. [First I asked some questions about people’s interactions with the ten commandments and we had a good time of sharing out of that. Then I shared a number of ten commandment-styled lists, such as the ten commandments ofContinue reading “The Ten Words of Love (Exodus 20)”

Practicing Discernment Together as a Church

About a month ago we began a Wednesday evening meeting at Camas Friends (the Quaker meeting I pastor). The goal of these meetings are to build our friendships with each other (so we eat together before the class begins), as well as add to our being a learning community. The first book we decided toContinue reading “Practicing Discernment Together as a Church”