The Present Work of Atonement

Came across this quote today by one of my favorite theologians and it sums up in a really nice way some of what I talked about on Easter morning: “That Jesus died by crucifixion in first-century Palestine is as well established as any fact in his disputed life history. That his first-century followers testified toContinue reading “The Present Work of Atonement”

Jesus, the Risen One (Jn 20)

This is the message I gave on Easter morning. This morning we celebrate and remember Jesus’ raising from the dead. It is not uncommon on Easter Sunday for those in the church to focus in on the “fact” of the Resurrection. For some, this is the perfect Sunday to bring friends to hear an apologeticsContinue reading “Jesus, the Risen One (Jn 20)”

Connecting with Poverty in Our Community

A week or so ago the Oregonian published an article about poverty in our neck of the woods. The article profiles the “subtle shifts” of poverty taking place in Clark County, the county of which our meeting is a part. The city of Vancouver has worked to push poverty out towards the east parts ofContinue reading “Connecting with Poverty in Our Community”

One of the blog I really like to read, Special Communion, just posted an upcoming event that I’d like to bring to your attention. Eda Uca-Dorn (You really need to listen to her recent interview here)  and others from People’s Seminary ( will be doing an online dialogue on building true community. Below is a taste.  ForContinue reading

Prayers: Elizabeth Woolman

I’ve recently re-read John Woolman’s Journal and have found it to be very challenging and nurturing once again. If you haven’t read it yet I can’t recommend it enough (here is a free ebook version. It is also available via independent bookstores like Powells (see below) and Quaker Books). But one of my favorite parts of theContinue reading “Prayers: Elizabeth Woolman”