Christ the Gathering Point (John 4)

This is some of the text I used on Sunday. I ended up preaching a message that was pretty different in a lot of ways from what I originally prepared, but I thought I’d still post this because I wanted to share the general idea. If you’re interested in listening in on our Sunday MorningContinue reading “Christ the Gathering Point (John 4)”

Love Was the First Motion (John 1)

At our church for Lent we’re reflection on two interrelated questions “Who is Christ?” and “What Canst Thou Say (about this Christ)?” So there’s an inner tension in these two questions: what has been said about who Christ is? Who does he claim to be? Who do we say he is? And How have weContinue reading “Love Was the First Motion (John 1)”

Remix Culture and the Church

During Quaker Heritage Day one of the key themes I discussed was the idea of remix culture recently written about by Lawrence Lessig in his book with the same title. ((You can download Remix for free from here)) Remix culture has a long history that began back with the advent of the record player (hereContinue reading “Remix Culture and the Church”