The Question: John the Baptist’s “Are you the One?” Matt. 11

Here are some thoughts from a portion of my message this past Sunday on Matt. chapter 11. In Matthew chapter 11 we find John again sending his disciples out (as he did in Matt. 9) to get a little scouting report on Jesus. This time John is in prison because, as is the case withContinue reading “The Question: John the Baptist’s “Are you the One?” Matt. 11″

Book Giveaway: Three Copies of Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices

I don’t know about you but I love free books! So, in the spirit of Christmas I wanted to gift three people with a copy of the book I helped edit and love to share around. The book was published this year by Quaker Press and has been well received by many. The book is a collectionContinue reading “Book Giveaway: Three Copies of Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices”

Logging off from Facebook and Twitter

Some of you have probably noticed my absence already but last Friday I logged off of Facebook and Twitter for the month of december. Call it a digital detox, social media vacation or just plan weird but I decided I really needed a break over the advent season so that I could be fully presentContinue reading “Logging off from Facebook and Twitter”

Modest Proposal .pdf Version Available

Because I’ve been posting about Brent Bill’s recent series of posts about the revitalization of Friends I wanted to alert all of you to the fact that he’s edited all the blog posts down into a .pdf. I was excited to learn he was going to organize them in this way and plan to haveContinue reading “Modest Proposal .pdf Version Available”

Seeing Beyond What We See

At Camas Friends we are thinking about advent season and how it is connected to our sense of sight this year. Here’s something short I’ve written about it: This advent season we are invited to see the movements of grace all around us. The Christian tradition has for two millenia argued that God once tookContinue reading “Seeing Beyond What We See”