Resource: Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Every Christmas Eve we have a very nice, contemplative candlelight service. This gathering goes for about 45-60 minutes, includes scripture reading, poetry, prayers and music. Oh and plenty of candles. The second one also has three readers. You are free to download the resources here and use them however you wish. The first service wasContinue reading “Resource: Christmas Eve Candlelight Service”

Creating Communities of “Artists”

This morning I noticed a torn piece of paper with something I’d written on it from awhile back: How do we form a community that creates artists rather than just critics? Justice should always come first, justice is innovative. I am not sure what I was reading when I wrote these two thoughts down, butContinue reading “Creating Communities of “Artists””

Lineage, Belt Buckles and the BIG US. (Matthew 1:1-25)

Here’s my sermon from December 19th. This morning is the fourth and final week of advent. We have travelled long and far in our discussion this advent season, and hopefully some of the ideas, stories and experiences you have had thus far have been meaningful, maybe even transformative, to you. (We did an activity toContinue reading “Lineage, Belt Buckles and the BIG US. (Matthew 1:1-25)”

Year-End Wrap-Up and Popular Posts from 2010

This has been a pretty good year for Gathering In Light (as a blog) and it’s always fun to do a little year-end wrap up. For one, I’m surprised to see that I had 150 or so posts this year. Considering how much seemed to have happened this year, I am glad that I wasContinue reading “Year-End Wrap-Up and Popular Posts from 2010”

Has Christmas Lost its Power?

Going through Christmas this year I began to wonder if Christmas has lost it’s power as a symbol and sign in our culture today. Symbols can lose power over time and when this happens there needs to be a reformation of those symbols and signs, or a letting go of them. This is in partContinue reading “Has Christmas Lost its Power?”

Christmas has always belonged to other traditions – Max Carter

I always enjoy Max Carter’s perspective, a f/Friend from North Carolina, a Conservative Quaker, and educator. His reflection this week on Christmas and Christians who celebrate the holiday is well worth the read. Do you need to be Christian to celebrate Christmas? What is Christmas all about? Is Christmas Christian? Good question. Not so easyContinue reading “Christmas has always belonged to other traditions – Max Carter”

From Hearing to Seeing: Matt. 11

Interestingly, the act of hearing is initially stressed in Matthew 11:2ff: 2 When John heard in prison what the Messiah* was doing, he sent word by his* disciples 3and said to him, ‘Are you the one who is to come, or are we to wait for another? John sends out his disciples for a report, it’s allContinue reading “From Hearing to Seeing: Matt. 11”

Upcoming Berkeley Visit: Quaker Heritage Day Flyer, etc.

Hi all, many of you have already seen that I’ll be doing the talks at Quaker Heritage Day this year hosted by Berkeley Friends Church (find more info here). I know I’ve mentioned it a few times but if any of you are anywhere near Berkeley you should consider coming up for the weekend. IContinue reading “Upcoming Berkeley Visit: Quaker Heritage Day Flyer, etc.”