Save the Date: Quaker Heritage Day 2011

I’ve been asked to be the speaker for Quaker Heritage Day, a day long series of talks around, you guessed it, Quaker history that Berkeley Friends puts on every year. Since Brian Young (the released minister there) is sending out the postcards, I thought I’d send out a virtual one! The title of the myContinue reading “Save the Date: Quaker Heritage Day 2011”

New Missiology Books October 2010

As a doctoral student in missiology I like to keep up on the new things getting published on the subject. Here are a few new books that are out that have caught my attention. ((Books include referral code links to Powell’s Books an Independent bookstore in Portland, Oregon.)) Summaries provided by In 1910 ProtestantContinue reading “New Missiology Books October 2010”

Social Media and the Illusion of Action

The other day I got caught up in following Kester Brewin’s tweets on the Apple 8 Media: Social Media and Political Action event he was covering on twitter (see those comments here).  There were a number of things he quoted there that really stood out, so I was eager to read more about what happenedContinue reading “Social Media and the Illusion of Action”

Small Group Discussion Guide for “The Quakers: A Very Short Introduction”

Over the course of the summer a small group at Camas Friends Church worked through Ben Pink Dandelion’s “The Quakers: A Very Short Introduction.” The book is honestly a little deceiving. It is short, but the font is also small and it is packed full with tons of information. So while it is short, it isContinue reading “Small Group Discussion Guide for “The Quakers: A Very Short Introduction””

An Index of Brent Bill’s Modest Proposals

Brent Bill, Quaker, recorded minister and and the author of Sacred Compass, has recently hammered out 8 great, and what he calls with tongue planted in cheek, “A Modest Proposal: For the Revitalization of the Quaker Message in the United States.” I printed them all out and read through them a last week and since I’veContinue reading “An Index of Brent Bill’s Modest Proposals”

How Krista Tippett is Rocking My World

One of the things that has been really inspiring me lately is Krista Tippett’s radio/podcast program “Being,” which as of a month ago was known more widely as “Speaking of Faith.” The show interviews a variety of people from various faiths and perspectives who are doing some really meaningful things with their lives. I’ve knownContinue reading “How Krista Tippett is Rocking My World”

Our Righteous Lament – Nadia Bolz-Weber

Nadia Bolz-Weber, the pastor at the House for All Sinners and Saints, (and blogger at has written a beautiful reflection on lament, the recent teen suicides by a number of gay youth, and the loss of covenant in our society. There is quite a strong tradition in the Old Testament of complaining to God about injusticeContinue reading “Our Righteous Lament – Nadia Bolz-Weber”

Today is World Habitat for Humanity Day

The United Nations has designated the first Monday in October as annual World Habitat Day. It is a day to raise awareness around the importance of there being affordable and safe housing in the world. Safe and affordable housing is not something that is available to everyone and as the populations continue to grow thereContinue reading “Today is World Habitat for Humanity Day”