Creatures are not Machines

Wendell Berry, in an essay within his book Life is a Miracle (53ff), writes about the persistent problem of some analogizing humans with machines. You don’t have to look far for examples or remarks about the human mind being like a computer chip, or people being talked about as complex machines. Just watch a recentContinue reading “Creatures are not Machines”

No History In the Empire

I’ve been reading a lot of commentary on the prophets, specifically on Jeremiah lately. I came across this quote today in Walter Brueggemann’s “The Prophetic Imagination” in reference to liberation theologian Dorothy Soelle. He writes: Prophetic criticism, Dorothy Soelle, has suggested, consists in mobilizing people to their real restless grief and in nurturing them awayContinue reading “No History In the Empire”

Interfaith Clergy Letter to the Editor in Clark County

(This is a letter a group of us from Clark County wrote in response to some of the controversy surrounding September 11th this past week. We submitted it to our local papers which did not pick it up so I thought I’d post it here.) This year, a small group of clergy in Clark CountyContinue reading “Interfaith Clergy Letter to the Editor in Clark County”

Spoiled and Reworked (Jeremiah 18:1-11)

(This is the message portion of what I shared on Sunday that follows a story I wrote. This message comes from Jeremiah 18:1-11.) We in the middle of discussing various passages from the book of Jeremiah, asking what do these old stories have to teach us? Are there new ways to understand and approach theseContinue reading “Spoiled and Reworked (Jeremiah 18:1-11)”

Come Visit the Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair Tomorrow

Tomorrow, September 11th, the Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair is happening at Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver, WA. I will be there with some of the folks from our Quaker meeting, Camas Friends Church, running the booth for our Yearly Meeting. There will be around 50 tents there and some entertainment as well. ConsideringContinue reading “Come Visit the Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair Tomorrow”

All We Grow (Jeremiah 2:4-13)

This is the message I gave on Sunday. Opening_ What are we growing? There’s a new album that recently came out titled “All We Grow,” by S. Carey. While I actually really like the music on the album, I found the title to be compelling enough. The first time I heard the phrase “All WeContinue reading “All We Grow (Jeremiah 2:4-13)”