In Search of a New Framework for Evangelism and Mission

One of the things I have become fascinated with over the course of the last decade falls broadly under the umbrella known as missiology, or the study of Christian missions. I like many of you have a history with big ‘E’ Evangelicalism where mission is generally understood as “winning souls for Christ.” Evangelism and missionContinue reading “In Search of a New Framework for Evangelism and Mission”

But Will It Make You Happy?

Jason Minnix, a friend and Quaker pastor, emailed this article to the NWYM pastor’s email list. I think it’s a good article worth discussion around the coffee table this week. She had so much.Two cars. Enough wedding china to serve two dozen people.Yet Tammy Strobel wasnt happy. Working as a project manager with an investmentContinue reading “But Will It Make You Happy?”

Quaker Youth Pilgrimage 2010 Epistle

Micah Bales, one of the leaders of the Quaker Youth Pilgrimage, just posted their Epistle from the trip on his blog. Here’s one section that particularly stands out to me, especially after my recent post on the subject. As a gathered youth, we are empowered to speak of one final, lasting concern. Throughout the pilgrimageContinue reading “Quaker Youth Pilgrimage 2010 Epistle”

A Blessing and a Benediction – Margaret Fell

I’ve been reading “Undaunted Zeal: The Letters of Margaret Fell” for school the last week or so and have found many gems in her writing. Margaret Fell is an early force within Quakerism often called the mother of Quakerism and the mother of feminism. One of the things I really love about what she writesContinue reading “A Blessing and a Benediction – Margaret Fell”

Those It Is Acceptable to Hate

This summer some of us from our church meet every other week to discuss a query dealing with some issue related to things happening around the world. A few weeks back we talked about a query dealing with the oil spill and how it is or is not affecting us, and our larger society. WeContinue reading “Those It Is Acceptable to Hate”

Quaker Youth Pilgrimage Stops by Camas

This past weekend 29 youth and 3 adult leaders who have been traveling on a month long spiritual pilgrimage through the Pacific Northwest took a (planned) detour through Camas Washington and spent a few days with those of us at Camas Friends. They all slept and ate in our meeting house, and joined us forContinue reading “Quaker Youth Pilgrimage Stops by Camas”

State of the Meeting Reports (Not Just Yet)

I decided I wanted to jump start a new tradition at Camas Friends today so I took the initiative and ran with it. I’ve been working on a state of the meeting report with the elders for a couple months and I’ve really been wanting to present it to the meeting and it seemed likeContinue reading “State of the Meeting Reports (Not Just Yet)”