A Prayer For All Those Beginning a New School Year

Today begins a new semester for many beginning or returning to college, and if seminary and graduate school has not begun for you it is just around the corner. Here is a prayer I want to offer to all of you as a new school year begins: Almighty God, in whose hands are all theContinue reading “A Prayer For All Those Beginning a New School Year”

Joan Chittister’s “The Liturgical Year”

I picked up a copy of Joan Chittister’s new book “The Liturgical Year” the other day at Powells. ((affiliate links connected to powell’s online bookstore)) Chittister, a long-time nun, writes in this book a theological and practical explanation of the liturgical calendar. I’m pretty excited about this book, as I’ve already talked about my interest andContinue reading “Joan Chittister’s “The Liturgical Year””

Variety of Quaker Perspectives Wanted

My friend Jez Smith from the British Quaker magazine “The Friend” is looking for a variety of Quaker perspectives on a few questions below. Will you read this and consider helping him out? — Just what is the World Family of Friends? From 3-5 September Quakers from Britain Yearly Meeting, Ireland Yearly Meeting, Aotearoa/New ZealandContinue reading “Variety of Quaker Perspectives Wanted”

But the Good of Others, This Love is Lost

Isaac Penington was one of the earliest Quakers, he and his wife Mary were convinced after a long period of seeking, some believe by George Fox himself (I’ve written more about them here). The Peningtons, like many other early Friends, were met with great hostility and hatred by those who professed to be themselves Christians.Continue reading “But the Good of Others, This Love is Lost”

Compassion Comes By Way of Gentleness

I subscribe to Sojourner’s Daily Verse and Voice and almost always find it inspiring. Today’s “voice” reminded me that all the compassionate intentions, energy and activism for the right causes doesn’t mean squat unless it comes from a person who has first gone through the process of transformation within themselves. I am struck by thoseContinue reading “Compassion Comes By Way of Gentleness”