New Monastics and Convergent Friends Retreat Outline

Martin Kelley and I will be leading a weekend retreat at Pendle Hill in just a couple weeks (May 14-16) and I’m starting to get really excited about it! Martin and I have been collaborating a lot together over the past few months in preparation for this weekend and I wanted to share a littleContinue reading “New Monastics and Convergent Friends Retreat Outline”

The Resurrection and Quaker Communion

Awhile back a reader commented on a post I wrote on Open Worship: A new Friend shared with me that she had started reading about the other branches of Quakerism. She concluded with these words. Going to a Quaker Meeting with no unprogrammed worship would be like a Episcopalian going to a Eucharistic without breadContinue reading “The Resurrection and Quaker Communion”

Community Supported Agriculture in Southwest Washington

As we try to find ways to eat more locally grown, organic produce, it’s always nice to know what are our available (and reasonable) options. Community supported agriculture is one of the ways we can support local farmers through purchasing a “share” from the farmer for the growing season. Last year, through the Camas Farmer’sContinue reading “Community Supported Agriculture in Southwest Washington”

The 6 Rules for Allies

This was sent to me by a friend today and I have to share it. Dr. Omi Osun Joni L. Jones gives 6 rules for allies (cross race/gender/sexuality/nationality/religion etc) in her keynote speech given 2/19/10 at a luncheon sponsored by Abriendo Brecha Vll Conference and The Seventeenth Annual Emerging Scholarship In Women’s and Gender StudiesContinue reading “The 6 Rules for Allies”

A New “Convergent” Mapping Project hits the Web

Martin Kelley isn’t the only one really excited about the new project from Micah Bales and Jon Watts. While there are other quaker maps out there this is by far the coolest (IMO) because it is fully DIY, looks great, and is simple to use. As Martin writes over at his blog Quaker Ranter:Continue reading “A New “Convergent” Mapping Project hits the Web”

The Cross of Repentance: Thoughts on Forgiveness and Confession

For the Third Month of the 2010 Friends’ Calendar this quote sits above the dates: The life of the cross is a life of the cross of repentance…Most of those who inform us today that they “do not believe in sin” are really saying that they cannot believe in forgiveness. If we cannot accept God’sContinue reading “The Cross of Repentance: Thoughts on Forgiveness and Confession”

Becoming Thomas (John 20:19-29)

This is the text from my sermon this week. It was delivered within the context of joint worship at Camas Friends Church who invited Friends from Multnomah Meeting and Bridge City Meeting to join us in worship (we will be visiting their meeting house May 23rd). Isaac and Mary Penington_ Some of the earliest QuakersContinue reading “Becoming Thomas (John 20:19-29)”

Easter: The First Day of New Creation (John 20:1-18)

This is my Easter sermon. Intro_ For me it was at a church I recently begun attending with my family back when I was back in Ohio when I was a kid. Our was a big, patchwork family. There are six kids on my mom’s side of my family. My step dad, who I haveContinue reading “Easter: The First Day of New Creation (John 20:1-18)”