Christ would not be Redeemer

Today is the feast of Oscar Romero so as I think about his work today and pray for all those who are cruelly treated, those who do not have a voice of their own and those who long for God to make the world new, I am posting some of his thoughts for others to read.

Christ would not be Redeemer
if he had not concerned himself with giving food
to the crowds that were hungry,
if he had not given light to the eyes of the blind,
if he had not felt sorrow for the forsaken crowds
that had no one to love them, no one to help them.
Christianity cares about human development,
about the political and social aspects of life.
Redemption would not be complete
if it did not consider these aspects
of the Christ who chose in fact to be an example
of one oppressed under a powerful empire
and under a ruling class of his people
that savaged his reputation and honor
and left him on a cross.

Oscar Romero // MARCH 26, 1978

Published by Wess Daniels

Teacher, author, Quaker, ​and public theologian. Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies at Guilford College.

One thought on “Christ would not be Redeemer

  1. Hey Wes, this is great! Great words by Romero: true, powerful, and prophetic. They come at a right time for a number of reasons. Keep on shining a bright light on the cross of redemption and justice.

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