The Final Word?

I got into an interesting discussion today with a gentleman after our meeting for worship about unprogrammed Quakers. He said he had heard “Silent” worship described by someone (a non-Quaker) as similar to a séance and wondered if the practice really is non-Christian. I think it’s a fair question. With so many interpretations of whatContinue reading “The Final Word?”

Living as a contrasting/inspiring/beautiful Community (Romans 12:14-17)

Here’s my sermon from today. It’s true that sometimes community doesn’t always work out right. Emily and I were a part of a small house church a few years back that used the word “community” as a kind of buzz word but it became rather oppressive because the leader want to maintain total control. SoContinue reading “Living as a contrasting/inspiring/beautiful Community (Romans 12:14-17)”

Conversion(s) a

As of late, I’ve been wrestling with the whole idea of conversion. I grew up going to Catholic mass, going to Catholic schools, learning the Catholic way. I never spent much time thinking about conversion in this context, partially because I was young (I stopped attending Catholic-everything after 8th grade) and partially because they haveContinue reading “Conversion(s) a”

Take Thought for What is Noble/Beautiful in The Sight of All

Today was somewhat of a typical day for me. I did a bunch of office work this morning, answering emails, going through mail, organizing paperwork and I also watched a number of tutorials on the Bible software I use for working on my sermons. Later in the day I spent a good chunk of timeContinue reading “Take Thought for What is Noble/Beautiful in The Sight of All”