Interventions: (The) Feeding (of) the Twelve? (Luke 9:10-17)

From Sunday August 30, 20009 [We used Bagels and Lox as a part of an object lesson during the Sermon, one possible (and tasty) contemporary rendering of loaves and fish.] This morning we are going to look at three ways of reading or understanding this text. a. The Manna Society A women in our churchContinue reading “Interventions: (The) Feeding (of) the Twelve? (Luke 9:10-17)”

Taking Time To Learn About Other’s Experiences of the Light

This comes from the Advices and Queries of Britain Yearly Meeting: Take time to learn about other people’s experiences of the Light. Remember the importance of the Bible, the writings of Friends and all writings which reveal the ways of God. As you learn from others, can you in turn give freely from what youContinue reading “Taking Time To Learn About Other’s Experiences of the Light”

Being Attentive To the Paths of Intervention (Luke 1-6)

We began the study of the Gospel of Luke back at the beginning of July with an eye towards moments when the narrative turns ever so lightly, or sometimes rather abruptly, in a way that leaves a crack or an opening for us, the interpretative and discerning community of Christ, to enter new ways toContinue reading “Being Attentive To the Paths of Intervention (Luke 1-6)”

Views on The Current Political Milieu: McClendon and Bonhoeffer

Yesterday, I read through McClendon’s chapter on Bonhoeffer’s life. In the chapter he explores Bonhoeffer’s influences, his theological and spiritual development, and his work with an underground seminary that sought to support and uphold the confessing church in Germany during Hitler’s reign. Finally, as his fellow Christians in the confessing church gave into, surrendered andContinue reading “Views on The Current Political Milieu: McClendon and Bonhoeffer”

Meeting with a Mentor

I’ve been slowly working through one of Eugene Peterson’s books on pastoral ministry called “Under the Unpredictable Plant: An Exploration in Vocational Holiness. ” The book is a lot about Peterson’s own journey as a pastor, and how he relates often with Jonah from the Hebrew Bible. Jonah was, in a word, reluctant. He’s theContinue reading “Meeting with a Mentor”

Simone Weil on Interventions

I’ve titled my sermon series on Luke “Interventions” and so was happy to see Simone Weil was (unsurprisingly) way ahead of me. Here she sums up the approach I’ve been taking with the Gospel of Luke. We must always expect things to happen in conformity with the laws of gravity unless there is supernatural intervention.Continue reading “Simone Weil on Interventions”

Plan Ahead – Convergent Friends and New Monastics at Pendle Hill

Martin Kelley and I will be facilitating a weekend workshop at Pendle Hill this coming May (2010) that explores how tight-knit faith communities, such as convergent Friends, carry on and expand their witness via the web and participatory culture. The dates for the workshop are May 14-16 and there will be some recommended pre-reading forContinue reading “Plan Ahead – Convergent Friends and New Monastics at Pendle Hill”

Interventions: Poetry on the Plain (Luke 6:20-49)

We opened with this video from Peter Rollins. [The part from this video that stood out to me and I drew on in the sermon and the poem was towards the end when he talks about laying down the paintbrush and living into the new world.] first a Confession. If I am upfront, I haveContinue reading “Interventions: Poetry on the Plain (Luke 6:20-49)”

The Cockeyed Poem on the Plain (based on the Sermon on the Plain Lk. 6)

Here’s my own take, a remix if you will, of some of the things going on in the Gospel of Luke and Jesus’ Sermon on the Plain (Luke 6:20-49). This is a new version of the poem [added august 9th, 7:45pm] This poem is for all people, but only those who act on it areContinue reading “The Cockeyed Poem on the Plain (based on the Sermon on the Plain Lk. 6)”

Interventions: Feasting with Tyrants and Tax Collectors (Luke 5:27-39)

Here is the text I preached from on Sunday 8.2.2009. The reflection is on Luke 5:27-39. You can also subscribe to or download the audio version of the sermon from iTunes (or our Church’s blog). This morning our text raises questions around newness of God’s work in Jesus, who will follow that new work andContinue reading “Interventions: Feasting with Tyrants and Tax Collectors (Luke 5:27-39)”