Interventions: A Short-Circuit in Mission (Luke 4:14-30)

I was unable to post my talk from last Sunday here this week because I’ve been busy at YM but I did post it on the church’s blog and on twitter. If you’ve already seen it, I apologize for the duplication, but I wanted to have it here before I post the new one. I’mContinue reading “Interventions: A Short-Circuit in Mission (Luke 4:14-30)”

John Caputo on Cyberspace

Far from undermining religious sensibilities, the advanced communication technologies are actually trading in religious goods and thus provide a new space, a cyberspace, for religious imagination. For if, as I have been arguing, religion disturbs our sense of reality and leaves us a little unhinged, if it causes our pre-set sense of the real andContinue reading “John Caputo on Cyberspace”

The Divine Commodity by Skye Jethani (A Review)

I’m way late to be posting about this book, but I still operate under the “better really late, than even later than that” motto. I was sent “The Divine Commodity” by Skye Jethani, editor of leadership journal, [Powell’s affiliate link embedded] shortly before we packed up all our stuff and moved to the great stateContinue reading “The Divine Commodity by Skye Jethani (A Review)”

Interventions: What Then Shall We Produce? (Luke 3:1-20)

Interventions: What Then Should We Do? John the Baptist and Luke 3:1-20 Peace Playhouse This past week was our peace playhouse, which from all the reports I heard, went well. Because of this, and given the text we are in this week, it seems appropriate to spend a few minutes conversing around the topic ofContinue reading “Interventions: What Then Shall We Produce? (Luke 3:1-20)”

New Quaker Blogger Book: Writing Cheerfully on the Web

Liz Oppenheimer has recently edited a volume of online conversations from a rich variety of Quaker authors and brought them together in “Writing Cheerfully on the Web,” a play on the George Fox’s famous line, “Walking Cheerfully Over the Earth.” Here’s what Quaker Books has to say about it: This book brings to print theContinue reading “New Quaker Blogger Book: Writing Cheerfully on the Web”

Learning Poetry Like Eugene Peterson

A favorite blogger of mine, Fernando Gros, linked to a post of Eugene Peterson quotes the other day that are well worth reading. Peterson is a hero pastor theologian to many of us. Here are three I particularly enjoyed: “Children are the best poets up until they get it bred out of them by aboutContinue reading “Learning Poetry Like Eugene Peterson”

Luke 1:5-38 Interventions: Birthing the Impossible (Notes from Sunday July 12th)

This is what we reflected on together as a community this past The kingdom is for the Little Ones We have two parallel passages today, one with a story of two people “getting on in years” as the text says, alongside two young people not old enough to drive by today’s standards, let alone giveContinue reading “Luke 1:5-38 Interventions: Birthing the Impossible (Notes from Sunday July 12th)”

Adult Second Hour (Worship) Resource On Luke 1

A fellow reader of “gathering in light,” Paul, emailed and asked me if he could the sermon notes and queries from last week for their Adult Second Hour in his meeting and I said, “Of course, that’s why it’s there.” Well, he went the extra mile and abbreviated the message and turned it into aContinue reading “Adult Second Hour (Worship) Resource On Luke 1”