Are We Still A Dangerous People? (PDX Quaker gathering)

My friends Peggy Parsons and Marge Abbott are giving what I might call a “dramatic presentation” of Quaker history at Multnomah Meetinghouse this Saturday. These two women are well-versed in all-things-Quaker, lively, provocative and will surely make it an enjoyable time for any who wish to attend.

I plan to be there and look forward to meeting other Friends. Here’s the information:


Marge Abbott & Peggy Parsons, facilitators

SATURDAY, JUNE 13, 2009 – 9am to 5pm
at Multnomah Meetinghouse
4312 SE Stark Street, Portland
VOLUNTARY DONATION $15  — childcare provided

Join us as we explore the spiritual qualities which once caused Quakers to be thrown in prison and legislated against as a danger to the realm. This “danger” grew out of the power of their worship and their faithfulness to the Light of Christ within. These set them apart from their neighbors and meant they were not cowed by threats or dangers to themselves or their property.

Transformation, deep self-knowledge, a fearless faith, and a life lived out of a place of love and grace have all been visible in Friends’ demeanor at various points in our history. Are they alive and relevant features of your faith? What does this look and feel like in your experience? What other features might be crucial today? How might we support one another and be patterns in the world?

What does it mean to be “dangerous”?   To be transformed:  To care more about the Still, Small Voice than the neighbors;  To live without being ruled by fear;  To enjoy paradox;  To be able to use the power of anger without being destructive; To listen with an open heart.

To register by e-mail contact  Ron at tops [at] canby [dot] com

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