Off and Traveling the Quaker-World-Wide

Tomorrow morning I leave for North Carolina to attend the Friends Association for Higher Education. FAHE is for all Quakers working in the field of education and so I will be attending largely as one interested in teaching Quaker theology and history. This year I am presenting with two other Quaker academics: Abigail Adams andContinue reading “Off and Traveling the Quaker-World-Wide”

Lectio Divina and Acts 2:41-47

This past Sunday we finished up our discussions around Acts 2. For worship, we had a more meditative tempo. The host for Sunday’s worship led the congregation in a simple prayer, shortly after one of the women in the congregation shared about her growing concern for child trafficking in the world, but especially in theContinue reading “Lectio Divina and Acts 2:41-47”

Karl Barth on Acts 2:41-47

This Sunday our meeting for worship will be focusing on the last portion of Acts 2: “So those who welcomed his message were baptized, and that day about three thousand persons were added. They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. Awe came upon everyone, becauseContinue reading “Karl Barth on Acts 2:41-47”

Are We Still A Dangerous People? (PDX Quaker gathering)

My friends Peggy Parsons and Marge Abbott are giving what I might call a “dramatic presentation” of Quaker history at Multnomah Meetinghouse this Saturday. These two women are well-versed in all-things-Quaker, lively, provocative and will surely make it an enjoyable time for any who wish to attend. I plan to be there and look forwardContinue reading “Are We Still A Dangerous People? (PDX Quaker gathering)”

Community of the Holy Spirit: Repentance as a Way of (Dis)believing

This past Sunday we looked at Peter’s Sermon in Acts 2. I struggled over this text for a while. How do I preach a sermon on a sermon and keep it interesting? Actually, I’m trying to avoid using words like “preach” and “sermon” because they feel less participatory and Quakerly. I really am interested inContinue reading “Community of the Holy Spirit: Repentance as a Way of (Dis)believing”

Oscar Romero on The Protagonists of History

I’ve been reading through excerpts of Oscar Romero’s prayers and writings and many  strike me but this one really stood out to me this morning as one we need to hear today: The true protagonists of history are those who are most united with God, because with God’s viewpoint they can best attend to theContinue reading “Oscar Romero on The Protagonists of History”

The Community of the Holy Spirit: The Birth of a Diverse Church (Sermon)

This past Sunday was Pentecost Sunday and for someone who spent his high school years in a Charismatic church, I know the day fairly well. It proved to play another significant role in my spiritual autobiography as it was also the day of my first sermon as pastor of Camas Friends Church. We covered theContinue reading “The Community of the Holy Spirit: The Birth of a Diverse Church (Sermon)”

We Too Need an “I’m Sorry Day”: Concerning the Recent Abortion Murder

Jarrod McKenna’s posted on the God’s Politics Blog about the “I’m Sorry Day” Australian’s celebrate every year as a remind that “there is no future without confessing and seeking to heal the pain of the genocide of Aboriginal peoples and the evils that created the ‘stolen generation.’” It’s a good short post and he linksContinue reading “We Too Need an “I’m Sorry Day”: Concerning the Recent Abortion Murder”