First Sunday At Camas Friends

Last Tuesday we landed at our new house in Camas Washington.  I came by car with our good friend James LaCroix, and Emily and L arrived by airplane. Fortunately enough, all our things transported by ABF U-Pack It also arrived on Tuesday mostly undamaged.  We spent the week unpacking, getting to know Camas and theContinue reading “First Sunday At Camas Friends”

GiL Video: Road Trip To Camas Memoir #1 Road Trip Memoir #1 from wess on Vimeo. I’m on the way to Camas Washington with our good friends James LaCroix. Our first stop from Pasadena was San Francisco where we crashed with some friends. In the morning we hung out in the mission district, saw the new San Francisco Friends School (amazing!), hadContinue reading “GiL Video: Road Trip To Camas Memoir #1”

GiL Video: Resistance and Simplicity: Reflections On Swimming Upstream Resistance and Simplicity from wess on Vimeo. In this video I discuss some of the questions I have around using words like “simplicity” when it comes to living out the Gospel in a consumer culture. With a nod to early Friends history, John Woolman, and some contemporary examples of the greening of capitalism, IContinue reading “GiL Video: Resistance and Simplicity: Reflections On Swimming Upstream”