Mind the Fire, Fan the Flame: A Message of Hope for Quakers

I’m currently digging through my research on Freedom Friends Church and found a blog post Liz Opp wrote awhile back that got my attention. In the post Liz talks about hearing Peggy (FFC’s pastor) and Alivia (Clerk of the meeting) present on their church. She makes some useful observations including the creativity that gets incorporatedContinue reading “Mind the Fire, Fan the Flame: A Message of Hope for Quakers”

Immigration and May Day

The May Marches are just about to take place and I just received an email with an image seeking to raise awareness around the complex social issues and injustices surrounding immigration in this country. There are a number of pictures by Shepard Fairey dealing with this issue of “Immigration Reform Now” here. Certainly there areContinue reading “Immigration and May Day”

Denominations and Traditions: Thoughts on Differences

“To stand within a tradition does not limit the freedom of knowledge, but makes it possible.” Hans Georg Gadamer Today I spent a few hours working on my Mid-Program defense for my PhD program, I will be presenting it to my committee on May 14th. This entails laying out the key questions and motivations behindContinue reading “Denominations and Traditions: Thoughts on Differences”

GIL Video: A Few Thoughts On Forms of Worship

http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=4311899&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&color=FEF52D&fullscreen=1 Here are a few thoughts I decided to video record instead of write about given the lack of time I had in the last couple weeks for writing. There is much to be said about worship, in this video I really just discuss some of my own changes and feelings towards different styles ofContinue reading “GIL Video: A Few Thoughts On Forms of Worship”

The House Hunt and other Adventures

Last Saturday we flew up to Portland Airport and picked up our rental car and traveled down to Salem Oregon. We celebrated resurrection Sunday with our friends at Freedom Friends Church. Freedom Friends is the semi-programmed meeting I am doing ethnographic research on for my fifth tutorial. It have been thinking about Freedom Friends forContinue reading “The House Hunt and other Adventures”

Unless a Grain of Wheat Falls: The Church in 25 years

Scott McClellan emailed me a couple weeks back and asked me to imagine what The church might be like in 25 years and write it in 150-300 words: It’s for an upcoming article for Collide Magazine (a magazine largely dealing with church and new media, an emphasis you will hear in my thoughts). So inContinue reading “Unless a Grain of Wheat Falls: The Church in 25 years”

Christian Nonviolence: An Incomplete List of Recources on Biblical Pacifism

Rhett asked me today about books I’ve found helpful on the subject of Christian nonviolence, which reminded me that I had planned on doing a post about some of my favorite books on the subject for quite some time. Here’s a list of books I recommend on the subject, they are in no particular orderContinue reading “Christian Nonviolence: An Incomplete List of Recources on Biblical Pacifism”

Long Reach Toward Just Peacemaking: Fuller’s Theology, News and Notes

I want to commend to you the latest Fuller Theology News and Notes, a magazine that comes out bi-annually and is edited by a Fuller professor. This issue was edited by ethcist Glenn Stassen and is called the Long Reach Toward Just Peacemaking. The issue has a number of great Christian thinkers in it talkingContinue reading “Long Reach Toward Just Peacemaking: Fuller’s Theology, News and Notes”