Fan Culture and “Virtual” Communities

I’ve written about Henry Jenkins in the past, he’s Director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program and writes constantly about fan culture or “fandom,” remix, and other contemporary cultural happenings. I didn’t know much about him until last year when my doctoral advisor recommended I read Jenkins book, “Convergence Culture” for a methods classContinue reading “Fan Culture and “Virtual” Communities”

New Book on Jesus: Seeking the Identity of Jesus

A new book on Jesus has recently published that sounds pretty interesting, its called, Seeking the Identity of Jesus. Here is the list of points the scholars in the book all came to agreement on over the course of three years working together on the project. 1. Jesus of Nazareth was a Jew. 2. TheContinue reading “New Book on Jesus: Seeking the Identity of Jesus”

A Much Needed Re-Organizing of Work (Visually)

Yesterday I was feeling really stressed about the work I wasn’t getting done. This was in large part because L decided she wasn’t going to take her usual 1.5 hour nap. I use the time she naps to clear out my email, grade papers, or work on writing projects. While I was trying to getContinue reading “A Much Needed Re-Organizing of Work (Visually)”

Dress Down Friday | She Walks! (And Facebook Kills)

She walks. Is the music you’re listening to making you dumber? (HT: Hoopes) Here’s an interesting article about being Carbon Neutral on a Shoestring. (HT: Emily) Flourish: a new group for creation care that targets churches and families. Go Humans go? What does that even mean? 10 sites for book lovers. Capes! We all knewContinue reading “Dress Down Friday | She Walks! (And Facebook Kills)”

How Many Burgers (Or Burritos) Does it Take To Fuel Your Bike?

I remembering seeing this awhile ago in GOOD, a magazine I subscribe to and really like. I meant to post it then but totally forgot about it until today when a friend sent it to me. It’s a pretty simple equation – bicycling rocks, even more than walking! The only thing I’d change about thisContinue reading “How Many Burgers (Or Burritos) Does it Take To Fuel Your Bike?”

Practicing Re-Collection (or Centering) Prayer

One thing that came out of our weekend retreat was a number of practices I want to work on and integrate into my life. This mostly came from the morning workshop on contextualizing the “testimony to plainness.” In other words, how do we cut out the excessive parts of our lives in 2009? And theContinue reading “Practicing Re-Collection (or Centering) Prayer”

The Ironic Gesture of the Church

Ryan Bell, the pastor of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Hollywood, invited philosopher/theologian Peter Rollins to do a two day conference called “Beyond Evandelism” at their church building (You can read Bell’s recent post on Rollins talk last night). In his talk Peter Rollins discussed a number of things important to the church: theContinue reading “The Ironic Gesture of the Church”