Blogging as Ministry in A Virtual World

Quaker blogger Robin Mohr has written a really thoughtful post, if you are interested in ministry in a web 2.0 culture this is a must read essay. Here are the three key points she brings up and then a few I add to the list: For me, the first point is that my blog isContinue reading “Blogging as Ministry in A Virtual World”

Dress-Down Friday | The Llama Report

This is a special edition of Dress-Down Friday. When I was youth pastor of Barberton Friends Youth Group (BFYG) we did lots of silly things. One thing we did was to make a Llama our mascot whose (fictional) name was Bach Bahama Llama. We had youth group baseball shirts printed up with a picture ofContinue reading “Dress-Down Friday | The Llama Report”

I saw this today on my favorite fan site rushmore academy and it made me really happy. It didn’t hurt that L really likes this book, and that Arcade Fire’s song “Wake Up,” from their album Funeral, is playing in the background really helps too. This makes me all the more excited about another movieContinue reading

Counsel to the Christian Traveller – Put Your Hand to the Plow

A while back when we were at the Convergent Friends weekend I got a copy of “Counsel to the Christian-Traveller: Also Meditations and Experiences” by William Shewen. It is an early Quaker text that was originally published in London in 1683, Shewen was among the early prominent London Friends. He got started as a writerContinue reading “Counsel to the Christian Traveller – Put Your Hand to the Plow”

Dress-Down Friday | Three Vimeos and an Alien-Baby Suit

Here are a couple little internet treats for you all on this Dress-Down Friday. For those of you who are into the alien-baby accessorized look: This video is really just amazing: John Howard Yoder is alive, kind of. Some Catholics are getting into the emerging church conversation. Are you a Stay at Home Dad?Continue reading “Dress-Down Friday | Three Vimeos and an Alien-Baby Suit”

Re-Entering the Ministry As Camas Friends New Pastor

I have felt called to ministry ever since I was in high school. I remember, at one point, my youth pastor telling me he’d like to go with me to the downtown where we lived, soap-box in hand and let me have at it. Things have in some ways changed a lot since then, youContinue reading “Re-Entering the Ministry As Camas Friends New Pastor”

Death Penalty Dead in New Mexico

My Friend posted this today, and it seemed worthy to share here as well. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson has signed a bill repealing the death penalty. His statement is worth reading, here are a few highlights: I have decided to sign legislation that repeals the death penalty in the state of New Mexico. RegardlessContinue reading “Death Penalty Dead in New Mexico”

Barclay Press Post: Repetition and A Non-Liturgical Liturgy

Here’s my latest installment at Barclay Press. As you’ll notice I worked at weaving a number of ideas I’ve had together and tried to initiate a forward step in a Quaker understanding of “liturgy.” More on this to come. What Quakers were against wasn’t forms but rather things that became objects and ultimately obstacles forContinue reading “Barclay Press Post: Repetition and A Non-Liturgical Liturgy”

What I’m Passionate About

My friend Rhett Smith is doing a weekly segment on his blog called “What Are You Passionate About?” What he’s doing every Friday is asking different people he knows to talk about their passions and share them with his readers. Here’s what he writes: One of the questions I’m constantly curious of is, “What areContinue reading “What I’m Passionate About”

Virtual Desire and a New York Police Officer

There’s a really interesting article in the New York Times today about a police office who was being charged with brutality in a criminal case. The suspect was caught carrying a gun and was purportedly punched by the officer while he was in cuffs. The Times reports that, “Officer E. said he has never beenContinue reading “Virtual Desire and a New York Police Officer”