Plan B: The Church (John Caputo)

In preparing for a sermon the other day I came across one of my favorite quotes from John Caputo’s book, “What Would Jesus Deconstruct?” (see also here): “The name of ‘Jesus’ is too often a mirror in which we behold our own image, and it has always been easy to spot the sliver in theContinue reading “Plan B: The Church (John Caputo)”

The Paralytic as Missionary (Mark 2:1-12)

I’m putting together a sermon on Mark 2:1-12 where Jesus meets, and heals, the paralytic. As I was talking this passage over with a friend it dawned on us that the paralytic, after he is healed, is the one sent out like a missionary, while the rest remain in the house. This strikes me asContinue reading “The Paralytic as Missionary (Mark 2:1-12)”

A 21st Century Good Samaritan: Deidox’s Story of “Robert”

Last week I heard about the new project Brent Gudgel, Dan Portnoy and clan have been working on called “Deidox” from twitter. I’ve posted about some of Brent’s work before: The New Chronicle Project. The Imagination of the Kingdom at Work Think of Deidox, pronouced “day-docs,” as short narrative-driven films featuring glimpses of the KingdomContinue reading “A 21st Century Good Samaritan: Deidox’s Story of “Robert””

Great New Tunes for 2009

Last year, I felt, was kind of void for me when it came to new music. That is one reason why I asked my good friend Matt Hoopes to guest write his list (and also I was interested in learning about new artists). But already for 2009 I’ve been really excited by a bunch ofContinue reading “Great New Tunes for 2009”