Great New Tunes for 2009

Last year, I felt, was kind of void for me when it came to new music. That is one reason why I asked my good friend Matt Hoopes to guest write his list (and also I was interested in learning about new artists). But already for 2009 I’ve been really excited by a bunch of new albums that are out this year, came out very late last year, or are soon to be out. Here’s a list, in no particular order:

  1. Jaydiohead : Minty Fresh Beats – Minty Fresh remixes Jay-Z with Radiohead, it’s really cool (and free to download).
  2. Andrew Bird : Nobel Beast – I’m not sure this is better than his previous “Armchair Apocalypse” but I am still enjoying the thick sounds this album puts out.
  3. M.Ward : Hold Time – I’ve been listening to this album via NPR’s “All Songs Considered” because it doesn’t actually come out until Februrary 17th, and I love it already. I’d like to get this on LP if I can.
  4. Starflyer 59 : Dial M (came out 10/28/2008) – I can’t help it, I like just about everything Jason Martin does. This is a deeply introspective album, with some really good tunes on it.
  5. Deerhunter : Microcastle – It’s a really nice atmospheric album that, as Matthew Hoopes said, is great in large part because it reminds us of Starflyer 59’s “Gold” Album.
  6. Elvis Perkins : Elvis Perkins in Dearland can be pre-ordered and streamed from the Beggars Group. It’s really good and lives up to my expectations at least.
  7. David Bazan : His new album comes out sometime this spring, and after hearing most of the new songs live at Fuller Seminary in November, I am waiting with anticipation.
  8. Jubilee Singers (website?) – Friends of ours from the Mennonite church and previously known a “No Little Kindness” will be releasing their new album in the not too distant future and it promises to be a list of great tunes.

What about you, anything new that you’re really enjoying? What music are you looking forward to coming out this year?

Published by Wess Daniels

Teacher, author, Quaker, ​and public theologian. Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies at Guilford College.

2 thoughts on “Great New Tunes for 2009

  1. I love that Jaydiohead record too! I don't understand why someone has not already had the idea to write their own rhymes and rap over Radiohead songs. I have already found a few cool records this year too – check out Welcome Wagon, they are produced by Sufjan Stevens, and almost like a side project for him, but they have some cool songs. Also I have been really into the new Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion and the new Coconut Records – Davy.

  2. Hoopes – yeah, it is a little surprising I agree. And Radiohead has been very open to remixes of their stuff, so it makes it even stranger. Thanks for these new recommendations, I'll check them out!

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