Dress-Down Friday: Post-Election Edition

Well the election is finally behind us. So in honor of this wealth of free time we all now have here are some links that you may (or may not) find to your liking. Jim Wallis challenged James Dobson’s 2012 Fear Letter Christians should be committed to the kingdom of God, not the kingdom ofContinue reading “Dress-Down Friday: Post-Election Edition”

Quaker Friends and Readers Voting Poll

I am putting together an article for The Friend reflecting on the presidential election for our British brothers and sisters. The point of the article is to reflect on the election from my standpoint as a Quaker, Evangelical and American. To that end I am interested in how other American Quakers (from all our groups)Continue reading “Quaker Friends and Readers Voting Poll”

A Fresh Start And the American Election

Growing up I remember learning about the atrocities of slavery, what happened to the Native Americans, and the many harmful, and violent things that were done in the name of freedom or of Christ. I personally have often felt ashamed by much of this country, it’s a narrative I was born into but didn’t identifyContinue reading “A Fresh Start And the American Election”