Through Flaming Sword: Spiritual Autobiography of George Fox

 My guess is that many younger Evangelical Quakers know little about George Fox‘s life, ministry and faith or have found reading through his Journal a rough go (myself included). I think Quaker historian Arthur Roberts newly updated and classic text, “Through Flaming Sword” will help to change this. This spiritual autobiography does a splendid jobContinue reading “Through Flaming Sword: Spiritual Autobiography of George Fox”

Christmas Album Raises Money For Children

Peace on Earth Vol. II is a collection of Christmas music put together for the express purpose of raising money for The Children of Uganda Fund. There is a whole laundry list of issues facing Ugandan children, especially those in the north, among the most prominent issues are Malaria and AIDS; AIDS is the causeContinue reading “Christmas Album Raises Money For Children”

“Dear Woman, why do you involve me?” Mission Without Guarantees

In the fourth of his missiology lectures (see more on his third here) Steuernagel reflected on a few passages where we see Mary interacting with her son, Jesus. In John 2:3-5 it says: “When the wine gave out, the mother of Jesus said to him, “They have no wine.” And Jesus said to her, “Woman,Continue reading ““Dear Woman, why do you involve me?” Mission Without Guarantees”

Dress-Down Friday | Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger London (harder, better, faster, stronger) from David Hubert on Vimeo. This week has been fairly busy for me, I’m really glad it’s Friday and really excited to be celebrating my wife’s birthday this weekend. Just before 5 o’clock bell rings and it’s time to go home, have a little pre-weekend break.

How Quakers Voted in the 2008 Election

I’ve finally finished compiling the statistics from the poll we conducted here last week. When I initially posted the survey it hadn’t dawned on me that it would be me who had to compile all of the data as well! That took quite awhile, especially since Math and using Excel aren’t Wess Daniels specialities. ButContinue reading “How Quakers Voted in the 2008 Election”

There’s Something About Mary(‘s Theology)

This past week Fuller’s School of Intercultural Studies hosted its annual Missiology Lectures. This year they invited Missiologist Valdir Steuernagel, of World Vision to discuss, “Missiology and Mary in Latin America: The Southern Church and a Fresh Mission Movement.” This is an overview and reflection on his third lecture. In the third of his missiologyContinue reading “There’s Something About Mary(‘s Theology)”

David Bazan Visits Fuller Seminary

David Bazan graced Fuller Seminary with his presence this past Saturday, playing a sold-out show in what turned out to be a very intimate show in Fuller’s Travis Auditorium. I’ve been a fan of David Bazan’s music (aka Pedro the Lion and Headphones) since a friend of mine let me borrow a copy of theContinue reading “David Bazan Visits Fuller Seminary”