The McCain-Palin Taste for The Secret

We live in a culture of increasing secrecy. Despite claims of being the ‘age of information,’ one might goes so far as to say we live in a culture of ‘the secret.’ Not only has there been a flood of recent secular books all pointing to new secrets being discovered like the strange self-help philosophy of “The Secret,” the blockbuster movie, “The DaVinci Code” or the new pseudo-history, “Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left.” Christians have been getting in on the secret as well with tons of books recently published around, “The Secret Gospel of Judas,” “Discovering the Secret of a Man’s (or woman’s) Soul” and of course, “The Secret Message of Jesus.”

Zizek and Theology by Adam Kotsko

Adam Kotsko’s recent book, Žižek and Theology, is a great addition to the growing library of commentaries, introductions and appropriations surrounding Slavoj Žižek‘s philosophical work. It was only recently published in the States by T & T clark and it comes in the series “Philosophy and Theology,” which promises to be a pretty good seriesContinue reading “Zizek and Theology by Adam Kotsko”

Barclay Press: Gospel Order and Convergence Culture (Part 2)

I’ve posted the second part to my Barclay Press article on technology and the church, called “Gospel Order and Convergence Culture,” have a look. Here’s a short quote from the post: While technology is a dominating force in our world today God’s reign is not excluded from it, God’s reign can emerge from within asContinue reading “Barclay Press: Gospel Order and Convergence Culture (Part 2)”

Tracking Emering Churches in Denominations

Most of you know I have at least some interest in the emerging church and write about it from time to time, or maybe it’s just a guilty-by-association thing.  But in either case insofar as these new community’s are ‘missional’ expressions of the church, and exemplify ‘new forms’ of worship, practice and Christian-imagination than IContinue reading “Tracking Emering Churches in Denominations”

New Books: The Monstrosity of Christ, Evangelicals and Empire, and Lessig’s Remix

Here are a few new books on their way out, or already published, that I want to highlight. The Monstrosity of Christ by Slavoj Žižek and John Milbank. The book is about secularism, politics and the future of Christianity between two unlikely characters: John Milbank, the main proponent of the academically-heady, yet provocative, ‘Radical Orthodoxy’Continue reading “New Books: The Monstrosity of Christ, Evangelicals and Empire, and Lessig’s Remix”

Using Wiki’s for Class Collaboration – Fall Quarter 2008

This year I will be assisting Ryan Bolger (his new website) in his classes again, for the fall quarter we’re doing Church in Mission. Over the last three years I’ve TA’d a number of different classes with him and he’s always doing some really great things with technology and the classroom. Our typical approach has beenContinue reading “Using Wiki’s for Class Collaboration – Fall Quarter 2008”

About the Nuance of Voting Records

Ran across this on On Voting Records and I thought it was appropriate for here as well. He begins by offering this little formula “My opponent voted x times for/against y.  X times!” and then writes: No doubt the candidates are uttering such in the debate at this moment.  The problem with this for of rhetoric is thatContinue reading “About the Nuance of Voting Records”

Quakers Twitter Politics During the Debate

 Just a short announcement: I suggested to my friend Martin Kelley that the online Quaker community (QuakerQuaker) should team up and discuss the presidential debate live over twitter this evening. Kind of like a worldwide, church-wide, discussion on politics in real-time.  Martin asked others what they thought about the prospect of doing something like this,Continue reading “Quakers Twitter Politics During the Debate”

Younger Evangelicals Weigh in on Abortion and Other Issues

Once thought to be in the pocket of the Religious Right, many American evangelicals today are discovering a deeper understanding of what it means to be pro-life. Kenny Hiser, communications director from Sojourners sent this article to me that will be their cover article in November, it’s called “The Meaning of ‘Life.’” For the articleContinue reading “Younger Evangelicals Weigh in on Abortion and Other Issues”