Anthony Smith on Not Voting as Violence?

Anthony Smith also known as for his blog “Musings of a Postmodern Negro” has written a great and thought-provoking post on voting from the perspective of black history and theology. He says: Voting, as it is oftentimes seen by historically marginalized groups, is a precious gift. It is not seen, within the language game of theContinue reading “Anthony Smith on Not Voting as Violence?”

Dress Down Friday – Rushmore’s Tenth Anniversary

Here’s a list of interesting things to entertain you for a few moments. This fall is the tenth anniversary of Wes Anderson’s film “Rushmore.” To celebrate, the Fan site Rushmore Academy is putting together their first issue of Yankee Journal an online art and literary journal for anything inspired by Anderson’s films (though they don’tContinue reading “Dress Down Friday – Rushmore’s Tenth Anniversary”

Cattell – On the Desire to Remain Uncontaminated

I came across this quote from Missionary and Quaker Everett Cattell today, here he questions the faithfulness of those communities that withdraw from “the world.” It is a strong statement, but one that resonates with my own position on the question of the church’s presence in the world and politics (especially the last part aboutContinue reading “Cattell – On the Desire to Remain Uncontaminated”

Everett Cattell’s Principle of Authority (pt. 3)

Series contents | Intro | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five Cattell’s understanding of authority is derived from Christ, who is the head of the church. He argues that there is a tendency in the church to choose some one authority over another. Christ as head relativizes arguments over authorityContinue reading “Everett Cattell’s Principle of Authority (pt. 3)”

A Quakerism Worth Believing In

The convictions of the First Friends were what ordered their theo-political imagination (as Cavanugh calls it). This ‘imagination’ guided their practice, their missionary-inspired anti-Constantinian message that Christ had retunred and is the head of the church. The head of the church is not the state, it’s not learned clergy, but  Christ alone. The Quaker narrativeContinue reading “A Quakerism Worth Believing In”

Dress Down Friday | Tickles, Non-AntiChrists and a British Gorilla

Here’s this week’s Dress Down Friday, sure to keep you from doing something more productive. Lifehacker has posted their top-ten list of how-to videos; everything you ever wanted to know how to do, I’m sure. Oh, and speaking of how-tos, here’s help on how to tell someone they sound racist. Tickling is now under assaultContinue reading “Dress Down Friday | Tickles, Non-AntiChrists and a British Gorilla”

Wilbert Shenk on Ecclesiology and Mission

In discussing how particular, newly planted and non-Western, churches could potentially develop “in loco an ecclesiology at once biblically and theologically responsive,” mission historian and theologian, Wilbert Shenk argues that ecclesiology has in the past often been ignored or fallen secondary to the primacy of evangelism and conversion of individuals. This is largely due toContinue reading “Wilbert Shenk on Ecclesiology and Mission”

Everett Cattel on the Great Commission (pt. 2)

Series contents | Intro | Part Two | Cattell believes that mission must start from the Great Commission, not only a central theme in the New Testament, but a central theme throughout all of Scripture. He remarks that if the Gospels authors would not have penned the Great Commission, it would not matter because weContinue reading “Everett Cattel on the Great Commission (pt. 2)”