Dress Down Friday Student Tools Edition, Nas and Feist on the Street

Today’s Dress-Down Friday has an assortment of links for you to enjoy throughout the day. A reader named Mark sent in a list of his favorite student web-tools and I thought I’d go ahead and share them here for the rest of you because they are pretty cool. He writes: scanr.com – You email themContinue reading “Dress Down Friday Student Tools Edition, Nas and Feist on the Street”

Back In The Swing of Things: Family and School

We made it back into town a little more than a week ago and it’s nice to be back home and getting back into routine. Growing up I never thought of myself as someone who really liked routine, but the times have undoubtedly changed. I like having a normal bedtime and getting-up time, which isContinue reading “Back In The Swing of Things: Family and School”

Advise Everyone… Endorse No One (by Shane Claiborne)

Shane Claiborne has a great post on the difference between “endorsing” and “advising” candidates. While I’ve already made my vote clear, I completely agree with Claibornes approach and points. One thing he said that really stands out is: Our central allegience is to God’s Kingdom, and we invite everything else in the world to alignContinue reading “Advise Everyone… Endorse No One (by Shane Claiborne)”

Wittenburg Door on Mark Driscoll

Most of you know about Mark Driscoll, he’s a mainstream pastor from Seattle with a church of about 6,000 people. He’s also infamous to many for being rather misogynistic, and focused on an overtly-testosterone reading of the Scriptures.  The satire magazine Wittenburg Door has done an article about his recent conference and it’s a goodContinue reading “Wittenburg Door on Mark Driscoll”