John Howard Yoder on Authority and Tradition

A blog I read fairly often has been posting quotes from Yoder’s essay on tradition, they’re worth sharing here, plus you might as well check out INHABITATIO DEI. “We are not talking about ‘the authority of tradition’ as if tradition were a settled reality and we were then to figure out how it works. WeContinue reading “John Howard Yoder on Authority and Tradition”

Working on a Youth Book Project for Quakers

 This past weekend I was in Greensboro, North Carolina, at a Quakers United in Publication (QUIP) conference. There was a really great group of people there, writers, publishers, editors, bloggers, you name it, if they’re interested in publishing and they’re Quaker there’s a good chance they were there (or should have been!). I was oneContinue reading “Working on a Youth Book Project for Quakers”

GTD In Apple’s Leopard (and other resources)

I’ve been using the GTD system since I first setup my Moleskine GTD for students and am getting a decent amount out of it. But I’ve struggled with finding ways to keep things straight with all the information flying at me on my mac. I’ve been working on using five separate DevonThink databases for all myContinue reading “GTD In Apple’s Leopard (and other resources)”