Quaker Youth Book Call for Submissions

I’ve written about the upcoming Quaker Youth Book project I’m working with and said we would soon be giving our call for submissions. Well, the time has come! If you consider yourself a Quaker or a part of the Friends Church and are between the ages of 15 and 35 then we’re talking to you!Continue reading “Quaker Youth Book Call for Submissions”

Presenting on Convergent Friends at FAHE in June

 So much for a really creative title! It was the best I could think of at this hour. Anyways, Last year at this time I was living in Birmingham England, away from my pregnant wife, finishing up my first year of doctoral studies and working on Quaker theology with a guy named Pink (see my threeContinue reading “Presenting on Convergent Friends at FAHE in June”

More Yoder on Faithfulness and Tradition

I’ve been working through a number of John Howard Yoder’s texts in the last week, reading what he had to say about ecumenicism and tradition within the “Radical Free-Church.” Here are a few quotes that really stood out to me from his essay in The Priestly Kingdom called, “The Authority of Tradition.” One thing IContinue reading “More Yoder on Faithfulness and Tradition”

Yet Another Manifesto?! Evangelical Leaders Draw the Line

If you haven’t heard by now (I heard from Halden), a group of (select) world renowned Evangelicals got together and compiled their own manifesto (or see the summary). I say ‘select’ because there are certain voices (namely any strongly conservative or liberal ones absent from the group). It’s not that I care whether they have conservatives,Continue reading “Yet Another Manifesto?! Evangelical Leaders Draw the Line”

Radiohead’s “All I Need” For MTV’s EXIT

Jarrod McKenna posted this video on his blog yesterday. It is a music video of Radiohead’s “All I Need,” juxtaposing children on opposite sides of the world: one group rich, one very poor. They video is held together through a pair of shoes.  The point of the video? “Some things cost more than you realize.”Continue reading “Radiohead’s “All I Need” For MTV’s EXIT”

On Immodesty: Too Much Skin (At Church and Elsewhere)?

My buddy Rhett’s written on a provocative topic, what do we do about immodesty in the church? This is pressing for him and I since we are both now father’s of beautiful little girls.  He writes: No matter what we as parents do I know there will always be that cultural peer pressure on myContinue reading “On Immodesty: Too Much Skin (At Church and Elsewhere)?”

Quaker Teacher Fired For Not Taking an Oath

This may be old news for some of you but last week Quaker Wendy Gonaver, an American Studies professor at Cal State Fullerton here in LA, was fired for refusing to sign the loyalty oath. The LA Times reports: As a Quaker from Pennsylvania and a lifelong pacifist, Gonaver objected to the California oath asContinue reading “Quaker Teacher Fired For Not Taking an Oath”

Two (Possible) Roles of Religion In A Global World

I’m currently writing a methods paper, laying out how I will conduct my field research among Quaker congregations. In the section where I’m dealing with culture and the role of the church I found Slavoj Žižek’s quote below to be insightful and to the point. The social order in which religion is no longer fully integratedContinue reading “Two (Possible) Roles of Religion In A Global World”

Barclay Press Essay:The Temptation To Surrender

Barclay Press, the main Evangelical Quaker publisher, has totally revamped their website and invited five columnists to write for them over the next year. I am one of their columnists, along with Joseph Thouvenel, Pam Ferguson,  Eric Muhr, and Nancy Thomas. The new site and featured columns launched yesterday. I was really excited to receive the invitation to writeContinue reading “Barclay Press Essay:The Temptation To Surrender”