The Story of Stuff: Where It Comes From and Where It Goes

 As you know I’m interested in the environment and how our everyday practices impact it, so I’m always happy to see more people trying to raise awareness through creative means. A friend sent this link around the other day urging us to take the 20 minutes and watch the video. I’m going to do theContinue reading “The Story of Stuff: Where It Comes From and Where It Goes”

Stepping into the Wind: A Pentecost-Inspired Writing Competition

Jesus Manifesto has posted a writing contest that I think some of you may want to know about, it sounds pretty interesting: We want your words. Jesus Manifesto is inviting you to submit an original article exploring the theme of Pentecost. In particular we want you to explore the theme of Pentecost in light ofContinue reading “Stepping into the Wind: A Pentecost-Inspired Writing Competition”

A List for Pre-Seminary Summer Reading

A friend of mine and regular reader and commenter on this blog is about to enter seminary at Gordon-Conwell this fall. I wanted to send her a list of books for some good pre-seminary summer reading. I tried to think of interesting books that will be somewhat challenging, offer new vocabulary that will help inContinue reading “A List for Pre-Seminary Summer Reading”

Listening As Exchange: The Trouble with God Discerning Our Will

If you ever get the chance to sit in on a silent Quaker meeting, take the opportunity. It’s not the kind of experience you’ll get just anywhere. Yes, it’s intense. Yes, it’s likely to be extremely difficult to “center down” and focus for an hour, but it’d still be a great exercise in listening. WhenContinue reading “Listening As Exchange: The Trouble with God Discerning Our Will”

An Open-Handed Gospel | Richard Mouw

The President of Fuller (where I attend) had this to say about the need for for charity among Evangelicals in a recent article he wrote for Christianity Today.   In a speech I heard several years ago, the Japanese-American theologian Kosuke Koyama put it nicely: We all have to decide, he said, whether we haveContinue reading “An Open-Handed Gospel | Richard Mouw”

Peter Rollins and The Fidelity of Betrayal

 Peter Rollins new book, “The Fidelity of Betrayl: Towards a Church Beyond Belief” is soon to release (June). Today I got a chance to take a peak at the prologue and introduction to the book and I’m really excited about the book for a few reasons.  First, I loved his first book and still thinkContinue reading “Peter Rollins and The Fidelity of Betrayal”

Remixing In Rainbows (and the church)

In the spirit of creativity and utilizing the web to foster fan-based participation, Radiohead has launched the website and are inviting everyone to remix their latest single “Nude.” They’ve split the song up into five separate tracks and have made each available for sale so that you can remix the song however you’d like.Continue reading “Remixing In Rainbows (and the church)”

Joining The QUIP Youth Book Project

I recently applied to and was accepted to be a part of the editorial board for the upcoming Quaker Youth Book Project, a group that operates as a part of Quakers United in Publication (and here). The project will: feature short non-fiction prose, poetry and visual art by international young Quakers ages 15-30 from all branchesContinue reading “Joining The QUIP Youth Book Project”