Evangelical Richard Mouw Comments On Pope’s Recent Visit

Fuller Theological Seminary President Richard Mouw was invited to be a part of a roundtable of thinkers commenting on the Pope’s recent visit to the US for the New York Times. But the attraction of a pope-in-a-stadium has its own unique meaning, I think. In a “post-modern” age Benedict represents something that is decidedly pre-modern.Continue reading “Evangelical Richard Mouw Comments On Pope’s Recent Visit”

Interview With Tom Sine and Jarrod McKenna On The New Conspirators

Tom Sine’s recent book, The New Conspirator’s, has been gaining a lot of attention since it was released last month. This week he’s staying with my friend and emerging peace church activist Jarrod McKenna. Tom and his wife are staying in Australia with McKenna at the Peace Tree community, and traveling around Perth doing someContinue reading “Interview With Tom Sine and Jarrod McKenna On The New Conspirators”

A Poem for Peet’s Coffee Lovers

 I’ve talked about Peet’s Coffee and Teas enough on this website to give yet another shameless (and unsolicited) advertisement for them. For me, Peet’s is that one place I can go where I’m undistracted from the internet, friends, and the endless list of things to do at home, plus with the extra high-octane coffee IContinue reading “A Poem for Peet’s Coffee Lovers”

Augustine’s Prayer for Students

Hear my prayer, O Lord; let not my soul fail under Thy discipline, nor let me fail in uttering to Thee Thy mercies: by them Thou has drawn me out of all my most evil ways, that I should find more delight in Thee than in all the temptations I once ran after, and shouldContinue reading “Augustine’s Prayer for Students”

Evangelical Politics: Three Generations From Speaking of Faith

Today we listened to Krista Tippett’s discussion with Chuck Colson, Greg Boyd and Shane Claiborne on the role of Christians in politics. It’s well worth the listen: A passionate discussion is unfolding in public and in private among Evangelical leaders and communities. Should Christians be involved in politics and if so, how? What has goneContinue reading “Evangelical Politics: Three Generations From Speaking of Faith”

David Fitch and Tony Jones On Hauerwas and the Emerging Church

I enjoy reading David Fitch’s blog regularly, and today he’s posted a great response to Tony Jones’ thoughts from last week on the Hauerwas Mafia. The post is an unpublished chapter from his recent book, The New Christians. His post is worth the read, it’s entertaining and provocative, especially for those of us who haveContinue reading “David Fitch and Tony Jones On Hauerwas and the Emerging Church”

Interview with Sacred Compass Author Brent Bill

I decided to take part in Brent Bill’s recent contest to help get the word out about his book. I know Brent through my work with convergent Friends and have enjoyed following his blog and his interest not only in Quakerism but the emerging church. He is the author of a number of books andContinue reading “Interview with Sacred Compass Author Brent Bill”

Henry Jenkins on Why Academics Should Blog

Henry Jenkins, a teacher, author and cultural studies scholar at MIT, has written a really thought-provoking post on a number of reasons why academics should blog. I found the essay helpful in framing different scenarios and purposes for a blog done by a students and faculty members. But I’dsay it’s good even for people whoContinue reading “Henry Jenkins on Why Academics Should Blog”