Step/Not, Hospitality and ‘Realism’ (What Would Jesus Deconstruct?)

Carrying on from my last post I thought I’d point out a few more aspects to John (Jack) Caputo’s book I do like and then say something about what I don’t like. If you’re interest in getting into the discussion on deconstruction, and what it has to do with the church, especially in its moreContinue reading “Step/Not, Hospitality and ‘Realism’ (What Would Jesus Deconstruct?)”

Expecting the Unexpected (What Would Jesus Deconstruct?)

Last week I did a lecture in class on John Caputo’s most recent book,What Would Jesus Deconstruct? I have mixed feelings about the book (more on this later) but I think in either case he makes some very helpful comments. The class I am currently a TA for is Mission in Contemporary Culture. In itContinue reading “Expecting the Unexpected (What Would Jesus Deconstruct?)”