Comments on Obama and Wright

There’s been a slew of comments and posts concerning Obama’s recent speech on the Pastor Wright issue, if you haven’t heard it you can watch the video here. It’s worth watching because I think Obama actually addresses some of the key issues that we still face in America today, and he’s refreshingly honest about justContinue reading “Comments on Obama and Wright”

Looking Awry at Wes Anderson’s Darjeeling Limited

This is an article that was published back in the fall in Fuller’s “newspaper” the SEMI (that issue of the paper can be downloaded via .pdf here). There are two reasons I am posting this now: first, I held off publishing it on gathering because I submitted it to another online zine hoping they would “print” itContinue reading “Looking Awry at Wes Anderson’s Darjeeling Limited”

Ben Pink Dandelion Interviewed on OUPBlog

Ben Pink Dandelion, Quaker professor at the University of Birmingham (UK) and one of my tutors has recently (as in this week) published, The Quakers: A Very Short Introduction with Oxford University Press. It’s a perfect book for someone who knows little about Quakers and doesn’t want to work through his much larger introduction (thoughContinue reading “Ben Pink Dandelion Interviewed on OUPBlog”

Between the Saying and the Said: Speaking Like Children

I’ve been really enjoying Peter Rollins blog lately and was struck by his recent post Did Jesus Speak Hoplandic? In the post he discusses Levinas’ theory about the act of saying something vs. the content of what was said. In it the question, “did Jesus speak Hoplandic” gets at the his point that “Jesus wasContinue reading “Between the Saying and the Said: Speaking Like Children”

Tips for Using Delicious In (Doctoral) Research is one of my most daily visited sites. Recently, I read a great post on the delicious blog about librarians and teachers using delicious more and more in their schools. This is an idea I think is fabulous and so I thought I might spell out a few ways I go about using thisContinue reading “Tips for Using Delicious In (Doctoral) Research”

James K. Smith on Caputo’s Deconstruction

Since I recently posted on Caputo’s “What Would Jesus Deconstruct?” I thought it would be helpful to point out this article a friend emailed me by one of my favorite contemporary theologians, James K. Smith. Smith, sounding a lot like Žižek (especially in chapter 2 ofThe Puppet and the Dwarf), argues that “orthodoxy” is inContinue reading “James K. Smith on Caputo’s Deconstruction”

The Newsies and the Kingdom of God?

Ok, so I’m late to the game, yes, I just watched Newsies for the first time. Emily still can’t believe I just now saw it. All I can say is that in my home growing up, with four other brothers, musicals weren’t really something we willfully chose to watch (but it was my loss!). I’mContinue reading “The Newsies and the Kingdom of God?”

Our New Family “Scrapbook”

Emily and I have set up a “family scrapbook” site called Weird Fishes (the name of one of L’s favorite Radiohead songs). It’s basically going to be our site for all things Daniels family. I know there are a number of you (family and friends) who read my blog because you’re interested in getting updatesContinue reading “Our New Family “Scrapbook””

Decluttering: Thoughts on a Difficult Practice

As of late I’ve been on this kick to declutter my life. I am sure this has a lot to do with now being a father and realizing there are a lot of inessentials in my life; and quite honestly, I can’t say I would have come to this otherwise. Actually, this has also leadContinue reading “Decluttering: Thoughts on a Difficult Practice”