Dress Down Friday | Guest Blogger Josh

Big thanks for Wess letting me co-host Dress Down Friday. I’m not sure if my web musings will be of much interest to some, but here they are nonetheless. Jonathan Brink writes about the podcast swallowing the pastor. Good stuff. And I know of a good podcast to check out too. Hint, hint. Only theologicalContinue reading “Dress Down Friday | Guest Blogger Josh”

Reader Poll: How Would Non-USA Voters Vote?

Last week I announced who I’m supporting in the presidential race, and while my endorsement obviously didn’t help California, it felt good to bring politics into the subject here. And in keeping with the idea of “gathering” together for common discourse on this site I have question for all you readers who live United States.Continue reading “Reader Poll: How Would Non-USA Voters Vote?”

Dress Down Friday | Guest Blogger Ben

I love guest blogging. There’s a strange thrill in writing something that will appear on a site other than my own. Thank you for giving me this honor, Wess. I’ve never written a “Dress Down Friday” so what I’ve got here is a collection of links that (hopefully) will help you through your last dayContinue reading “Dress Down Friday | Guest Blogger Ben”