Bob Dylan for President?

I’ve been enjoying some recent reading about the elections (here, here and here) and am finding the varying perspectives stimulating. Then tonight, as I was reading the book Bob Dylan: The Essential Interviews aloud to the family, we came across a quote from Dylan talking about what he’d do if he became president ((This comesContinue reading “Bob Dylan for President?”

Dress Down Friday | Monchhichi and Hawaiian Chairs

Well I’m back after a four-week hiatus. It was nice having guests blog for me, felt like a little vacation. But I’ve been stocking up on links over the past four weeks so I had something good for show-and-tell. Here’s what we’ve got for today: Recently I ran across this post from offering10 TricksContinue reading “Dress Down Friday | Monchhichi and Hawaiian Chairs”

GOOD Magazine | On Skid Row: Introduction

Good Magazine, a site I really like, cover all kinds of topics, from culture to politics and the environment. This week they’ve begun a video series looking at LA’s homeless district, otherwise known as Skid Row. I look forward to following these videos. Los Angeles’s police chief called Skid Row “the worst social disaster inContinue reading “GOOD Magazine | On Skid Row: Introduction”

The Wire And Disrupting the Othering Process

If you haven’t had the chance to watch HBO’s TV show The Wire I highly recommend you take the time and begin watching. It’s in its fifth and final season, so there’s plenty to keep your Netflix queue busy for quite awhile. While it may not a good show for the family or follow theContinue reading “The Wire And Disrupting the Othering Process”

Jarrod McKenna on National Sorry Day (God’s Politics)

Over on God’s Politics Blog, Jarrod McKenna has written a great post on national ‘Sorry Day,’ a day when White Australians are trying to enact reconciliation for the pain they’ve caused through racism and colonialism. This could (hopefully) be a chance to change history.   She shared later, “things are different now.” Somehow wrapped upContinue reading “Jarrod McKenna on National Sorry Day (God’s Politics)”

Claiborne’s Cedarville Cancellation

My buddy Rhett Smith has posted a great reflection about the recent cancelation of Shane Claiborne’s scheduled talk at Ohio’s Cedarville University. Rhett questions the validity of the quote below, and discusses his own thoughts as someone who is a college pastor.   “There was a tension between my desire to use this event toContinue reading “Claiborne’s Cedarville Cancellation”

Dress Down Friday | Guest Holly

Big thanks to Wess for inviting the guest post for today’s Dress Down Friday! With Wess’ recent endorsement of Obama, I decided to take DDF in a political direction. For me, following the 2008 election is like watching a good soap opera. I’m completely addicted. Say What?! :: Obama’s music video by has aContinue reading “Dress Down Friday | Guest Holly”

Bread For the World: Looking for Young Leaders

My friend Holly, who writes at Bread Blog and will be posting this week’s Dress Down Friday, works for a non-profit organization called Bread for the World. They do a lot of lobby work and other types of political activism to help raise awareness for hunger issues around the world. Today they are starting aContinue reading “Bread For the World: Looking for Young Leaders”

Book reading Meme: Zizek and 123?

My buddy Kyle has tagged me to write out a quote from page 123 of the nearest book on my shelf. Well unfortunately for all of us, my book is Slavoj Zizek’s “The Puppet and the Dwarf,” which means mostly that it’s going to be difficult to make sense of it outside it’s context. ZizekContinue reading “Book reading Meme: Zizek and 123?”