Thoughts on Riding a Fixed-Gear Bike

About four years ago I came across a video of some people riding fixed-gear bicycles, and I was instantly intrigued by the simplicity and aesthetics of these single-speed bikes. Since that time I’ve become more interested in biking both as a culture and as a mode of transportation. I’ve met a number of people whoContinue reading “Thoughts on Riding a Fixed-Gear Bike”

New On The Shelf | Corey Beals, Carole Spencer and David Yount

This week I have three new Quaker books I wanted to share with all of you. “Holiness: The Soul of Quakerism” is her dissertation boiled down into book form and promises to be one of the most original historical and theological accounts of Quakerism to date. In this book Spencer argues for the Holiness rootsContinue reading “New On The Shelf | Corey Beals, Carole Spencer and David Yount”

Four Models of Emerging Churches

I’ve had a lot of vested interest in the emerging church for a number of years now, partly because of my own previous experience in communities that reflected many of the qualities present in Bolger and Gibb’s “Emerging Churches,” and partly because upon reading that book I was better able to organize my own disparateContinue reading “Four Models of Emerging Churches”

Dress Down Friday | No Sweat Chucks, McClendon’s Blog and Evil Hot Dogs

This is another installment of Dress Down Friday, thank you all who sent me links this week, and as always you are free to send me suggestions through the contact page. The picture above is from a hamburg stand back in Ohio, that guy with the sweet crew-cut is me. Those of you who useContinue reading “Dress Down Friday | No Sweat Chucks, McClendon’s Blog and Evil Hot Dogs”

Church in Mission: Five Practices For The Church in the World (pt. 5)

Series contents | Introduction | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five For this last post in my church in mission series I want to explain the five practices that John Howard Yoder offers the church as a means of faithfulness and witness in mission. But first, by way of review,Continue reading “Church in Mission: Five Practices For The Church in the World (pt. 5)”

Dress Down Friday | Solar-Powered Trees and Australian Art

I missed the live Radiohead webcast on New Year’s eve, but fortunately enough it’s still online at and is a joy to listen to. I stumbled on this cool Mac program called Leap. It’s a finder replacement and pretty high-powered. It was fun to check out. Flickr Finder is another great Mac program forContinue reading “Dress Down Friday | Solar-Powered Trees and Australian Art”

Thanks, Rose Bowl Parade, For The Trash!

As most of you know yesterday was a big day here in Pasadena because of the annual Rose Bowl Parade. People started camping out on Colorado Blvd. 12pm the day before the parade. And while I won’t fault anyone for wanting to see an army of Storm Troopers and some incredible floats there is anotherContinue reading “Thanks, Rose Bowl Parade, For The Trash!”

Roll Call for Friends of Gathering In Light

As for our first order of buisness of the new year I’d like to open the floor up to all of you who are friends of this site (thanks for the idea Paul). First, thank you for reading this past year, 2007 saw a huge increase in traffic, subscribers and some really enjoyable conversations. FromContinue reading “Roll Call for Friends of Gathering In Light”